Chapter 13

Keeping Scores

The guys shrugged them off and went to their positions on the sandy court while Jett made rude gestures towards the other team. They each went to their respective side and huddled together, planning tactics as if their futures depended on this seemingly 'friendly' game. Logan clapped his hands together and walked to the front ogf the court while his pack members stood strongly beside him. I couldn't help but get lost in his appearance and his bold presence. With him around, you would barely pay attention to any of the other guys who also were quite attractive. He crouched down, ready for the ball, his muscles tensing under his thin, black T-shirt which only made his blue, piercing eyes even brighter than usual. I shook my head, realising I was getting carried away and turned my focus to the game which hadn't yet started. Sean's team had just finished planning as he copied Logan's actions only he quickly removed his shirt, revealing his damn six-pack abs as he took his position on the court, winking at me. 

Logan growled in anger, his jealousy getting the better of him though there really wasn't any need for that, after all, Logan had already won. Logan's pack members smirked and removed their shirts too, along with Logan following closely after. I shook my head at their nonsense but Elle seemed quite happy with the whole, manly competition silently going on. The levels of testosterone increasing by the milli-second.

"Dayum! We've got to do these tournaments thingies more often," she said, sitting back and taking a sip of her lime green cocktail. A few seconds later, the match started. I thanked God that there weren't any people around that day since each team was using unfair advantages such as their werewolf speed and what not. Elle cheered Sam on by calling his name out. He turned to look at her in almost a dazed, love-sick puppy way and completely losthis concentration, earning a good smash in the face with a poor ball being tossed around by Sean's hightened strength. If Sam hadn't been a werewolf, he would have probably died from the massive impact to the head but he just shook it off and continued playing, earning a few jokes and teases from none other than Jett.

"Ugh! I want to play!" Elle whined, sitting up.

"Elle, no. They'll crush you," I told her, failing to reason with her.

"But it's so boring just looking for hours!" Sean over-heared and called a time-out, leaving the score to be 17-12 in Logan's favour.

"You can't be serious, right?" He told Elle. She turned her back towards him and looked at Sam instead, giving her best puppy dog face. Sam was set on saying no, but one look at her face and his eyes softened. I took note of that, I could learn a lot from Elle.

"It is a friendly game after all, why not?" Sam suggested, earning a kiss on the cheek from Elle.

"Fine, I'll play too then," I said, getting up,"Sam and Jett both look wiped out." Sam went to sit down followed closely by Jett who bowed towards me jokingly, motioning the way forward to the court. He knew I was going to cause a severe disbalance to the game and wanted the best seat in the house to watch it, obviously not being tired what-so-ever. I smirked at him, walking towards Logan as I placed my hand on his chest and kissed him there, earning yet another growl from Sean. Maybe I could have some fun with the situation I was in after all. Sean had gotten on my last nerve now and even though it was cruel, I wanted some pay-back and good, old-fashioned revenge.


I know, I know, it's short and you have every right to throw tomatoes and other assorted fruits and vegetables at me but my O-Levels (GCSE) are coming up in a few months and due to all the lessons and art portfilios I barely have any time to myself. I'm writing whenever I can and have about 3 stories lined up already. I'll try to post next chapters as soon as possible but in my defence, I thinking I'mimproving and this chapter is short but one of the best. I hope you liked it :)

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