Control ▹ Dean Winchester [1] by Warrior_Banshee736
Control ▹ Dean Winchester [1]by Jᴀs
|Book One of The Control Series| *EDITING* ❝ I'm bigger than my body, I'm colder than this home, I'm meaner than my demons, I'm bigger than these bones.❞ In...
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Supernatural Imagines by KayDavis167
Supernatural Imaginesby kay
This is a compilation of one-shots, imagines, and preferences. Most chapters are sent in by readers. This book is no longer active. Thank you. || Milestones || - Hit...
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Supernatural Gif Imagines  by JustAFangirlLmao
Supernatural Gif Imagines by JustAFangirlLmao
Well the title pretty much says it all. I find gifs and I make imagines out of it. Sometimes it'll be a little long because I tend to drag things on longer than it has t...
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The Family Business by missredfoxy
The Family Businessby MissRedFox
Acostumados com a vida de caçador, Sam e Dean só tem um ao outro, bobby e Castiel para chamarem de família. Seguindo o legado do pai, eles protegem as pessoas de monstro...
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My "Best Friend" (boyxboy) by kwads_
My "Best Friend" (boyxboy)by Krystal Wadeen
Are they really best friends? Will one stupid dare change their minds? Or will they move on as if it never happened? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thayer and Micah...
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Second Chances (A Jensen Ackles Romance) by MaggotC0rpse88
Second Chances (A Jensen Ackles Steph
Jensen Ackles notices the girl he has seen hanging around the last couple of weeks tryin to sleep on the park bench outside the studio one night after finishing work lat...
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Brothers Keep Her by Starlately
Brothers Keep Herby Nicole Starleigh
#1 in Dean x Reader! (August 2018) You're tangled up in some business with the Winchesters, thanks to Dean's split-second decision to slay Death himself in the Season 10...
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Fall | Jared Padalecki by damnedimpala
Fall | Jared Padaleckiby 𝒞𝒶𝒾𝓉𝓁𝓎𝓃 ♔
C O M P L E T E D ! ((Social Media Fanfic)) ((Jared Padalecki x oc)) RANKED: #33 in Jared: 05/08/2018 #32 in Nina: 5/27/2018
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Jensen Ackles x Reader by Erin_Winchester55
Jensen Ackles x Readerby ERIN ❤
Soooo y'all requested a Jensen x Reader so here it is bitches! After, years and years of watching the show, your friend FINALLY gets tickets for SupernaturalCon! Result...
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Love over Hate by Krazyk2314
Love over Hateby Krazyk2314
AU (I love Gen, and love her with Jared. This is just a fiction, a request) Jared and Gen have split up, but are still friendly. You, the Reader have recently started ac...
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Lost & Found (Jensen & Danneel Ackles Daughter Fanfiction) by faithtrustmusic
Lost & Found (Jensen & Danneel Marissa
Emery Hayes grew up bouncing in and out of foster homes. She never had a 'normal life'. Her mother died during childbirth and her father ran off before she was born. Whe...
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Brothers (Completed/Discontinued) by kay_gwilym
Brothers (Completed/Discontinued)by Kay ❤️
What if Sam and Dean had a little sister? What if her life was always full of monsters and demons, and even more now that she found them... When Sam and Dean's dad went...
  • ghost
  • andrew
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Adopted by Jensen Ackles by 2021xx
Adopted by Jensen Acklesby Papí
Caroline Anne Garrison is a lonely orphan. She only has her sister, Robin, and her best friend, Jonah. One fateful day, when Caroline and her sister are casually talking...
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iris | jensen ackles [discontinued] by unofficiallymarie
iris | jensen ackles [discontinued]by - ̗̀ maria ̖́-
«missed call from unknown number» ''who is this?'' ''dude, I'm Jensen, pick up the phone!'' ''wrong number, 'dude''' • • • rankings | #20 online • • • [TEXT + SOCIAL MED...
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Comic Con 2016 by heartbrokensmiles
Comic Con 2016by heartbrokensmiles
It was madness, Comic Con 2016, but Jessica Renner loved it. She had been to many Comic Cons before as a recurring cast member of Supernatural so the screaming crowds a...
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Fatal Attraction (Jensen Ackles Romance) COMPLETE by MaggotC0rpse88
Fatal Attraction (Jensen Ackles Steph
When Amber inherits her grandmothers house she decides to move in since she currently lived in a damp dingy hole. She soon becomes friends with her next door neighbor D...
  • supernatural
  • harris
  • danneel
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Small World (A Jensen Ackles Love Story) by Jensen_ross
Small World (A Jensen Ackles Jensen_ross
When Ryden Tyler is trying to get a career in acting, she realizes something she has never known. With her best friend Jensen by her side, what will the future hold for...
  • jensenackles
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Falling. by little_livvi_
#19 little_livvi_
Hey girls/guys/readers, I've read a lot of fanfic and I thought I would try writing my own. This will probably be a bit rough because it's my first, but I guess we'll se...
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Jared Padalecki And Jensen Ackles X Reader by ainsley290
Jared Padalecki And Jensen ainsley
COMPLETED Jared Padecki and Jensen ackles both fall for you, when you play a part in their TV show Supernatural. You live with your best friend Grace. in a little apartm...
  • jaredpadalecki
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