Steam rose in voluminous amounts around Logan's enormous kitchen. I wasn't used to so much space! My kitchen was barely a few feet wide and his was bigger than my entire house! The dark, modern cabinets still sparkled from when the maid cleaned them along with the rest of the house. 

Logan returned with a big bag of groceries we needed to continue the dish and placed them on the counter beside me. He washed his hands in the sink and I found myself staring at him and biting my lip. I shook my head and focused on my task. Logan thought it would be a fun idea for a date for me to come over to his house so we could cook together. A cute idea, though I'd basically done all the cooking so far. When his hands were all wet, he flicked them in my position, throwing water droplets all over my face making me flinch.

"Careful, careful! I'm cutting tomatoes!" I warned through my giggles as I wiped the water off with my sleeve. He shook his head at me and stole a piece of raw tomatoes.

“So how long does the chicken have to cook for?”

“About an hour and then it has to sit for about fifteen minutes. You can snack on some-”

I stopped talking when both of his arms wrapped around me. raising my body temperature as my cheeks flushed.

“Is this too close?” I knew he was smirking as I leaned into him.

“No it's okay. Just surprised me is all.” I continued cutting the vegetables as Logan rested his head on my shoulder, placing soft kisses down my neck. He was making it really difficult for me to concentrate.

“I hate washing dishes,” he whispered.

“Well now, that's romantic!" I joked, "And if you would have told me so earlier I would have made you do them.” He laughed and nipped my ear gently.

It sent a wave of warmth down my back and into my legs turning them into jelly. Logan smirked again. The longer we spent together, the more he found out what a huge effect he has on me and the more I found him smirking in my presence. Sometimes I just wished I could wipe that smirk off of his smug yet handsome face but I just couldn't find the strength to do it or say anything back, I just froze. I gripped the counter to hold myself up.

He continued to torment me with kisses down my neck.It's safe to say that it felt good, really good and it made me wonder why we hadn't mated yet. I know, I told him I wasn't ready and in all truth, I still think I'm not but as a luna, I wanted to fulfill my responsabilities and I couldn't do that when I wasn't exactly a Luna yet. I was lost in my thoughts but was immediately brought back when Logan bit softly into my neck where he had marked me, making me moan softly. I know it sounds cheesy but I needed to be close to him all the time and wanted more than anything to kiss him back but I wouldn't let my ...hormones get the better of me.

“Wait,” I said almost breathless. “Not right now.”

“Sorry,” Logan backed away to lean against the counter next to me instead. He let out a shaky breath and his whole body was tense as he chewed the inside of his cheek.

I turned off the water and dried my hands on a towel. I felt as if I'd hurt him though that wasn't my intention. I wanted to go further with him now. We'd been dating for a while and all we did was kiss. I was slightly dissappointed but when Logan tried to push me a bit more, I always chickened out and pulled away or came up with an excuse.

“I'm going to the bathroom. I'll be back before the food is ready so just make sure the potatoes don't boil over. Turn it down to 3 once it starts to boil and let them simmer for about a few minutes. I've been cooking for so long I think I actually feel full. So, will you miss me?” I looked back at him with a grin and he laughed.

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