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"Wear this hat!"

Aaron's eyes widened as he stared down at the hat I was holding. "What the fudge? Hell, no way. I'm not wearing this —" he took the hat out of my hand. "— crap!"

I rolled my eyes. "Oh, come on. It's Sophie's birthday! What happened to let's-make-her-happy-on-her-birthday?" I reminded him, folding my arms across my chest. 

"That doesn't mean I have to wear this stupid hat," Aaron protested as he sat down on my bed. "Can we just skip this part?"

I scowled. "No," He frowned as I seized the hat from him. "Just wear it. Believe me, you still look good wearing it." I placed the hat on his head before staggering backwards to observe my brother. 

I lied. Aaron looked miraculously hideous wearing the party hat. It was green with silver stripes, and it has 'Happy Birthday' written on it. The hat even has its own special feature — a furry white ball, stuck on top of the cone. 

He sighed. "I know you're lying, Ellie. You're never good at it," Aaron grumbled, and I grimaced. "You're lucky I love my sisters."

"Aww, that's sweet of you," I teased as he tucked the string under his chin. I grabbed my own hat from the dresser, and put it on. While Aaron's hat was green, mine was bright pink. 

Call me girly, I don't care. 

Aaron pointed a finger at me warningly. "No pictures, no videos —"

"Okay, okay,"

"And if you ever laugh at me, I'll put it off right away," he fussed, narrowing his eyes at me. 

I shrugged. "I won't laugh at you, I promise. No one is going to see you wearing that hat anyway. Just me and Sophie," 

Aaron literally ran towards my dresser mirror, pushing me out of his way. "Oh, God. This is horrible," He sighed dramatically, staring at himself in the mirror. "Why did you give me the green one? It's the hideous of them all."

I sauntered closer to him before wrapping an arm around his waist. "Green suits you," I convinced, smiling at him in the mirror. "I think we better get to Sophie's room before she wakes up." I gestured Aaron to the door as he kept adjusting his party hat. 

Slowly, we made our way towards Sophie's bedroom, and I opened her bedroom door. I poked my head through the door, and sighed in relief as I realized she's still sleeping. 

"Is she still asleep?" Aaron asked as he poked his head through the door right above my head. 

"Yeah, and shut up!" I whispered, hitting his stomach. I pulled my head out of the door, and he did the same thing. "Let's get to the middle of the room, and shout 'happy birthday'!" I suggested, grinning. 

"What if she gets a heart attack?" Aaron said, raising his eyebrow. His words made him look even stupider than before — with his stupid, green hat and all. 

I slapped his arm, annoyed. "Sophie's turning ten, not eighty!" 

He shrugged. "Fine, fine. Sorry." Aaron placed his hand on the doorknob before turning it really slow. 

Tiptoeing, we made our way to the middle of the room, right in front of her bed. 

 "1 .... 2 .... 3 .." I counted before we both shout, "Happy Birthday, Sophie!" 

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