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A sound of a glass being thrown onto the floor interrupted Rebecca. We both turned our eyes to look inside the house, and my heart literally stopped beating again. 


"What's going on in there?" I asked, widening my eyes to look at Rebecca. I began to panic even more when a frown flickered across her face. I placed a hand on her arm. "Rebecca?"

"I think it was Riley," she answered, sighing heavily. She put a hand on her forehead. "I guess, his parents tried to get into his room again. Riley threatened he'd hurt himself if someone tries to get into his room."

"What?" I literally shouted. "Why - why is he acting that way?" I never thought Riley's problem was that serious until he wanted to hurt himself.

Maybe there was something he didn't tell me. 

"Let's go upstairs," Rebecca said, her eyes looking down to the floor. This middle-aged woman had always been so cheerful. But now there were dark circles under her eyes, her brows furrowed - like she had been worrying all day. 

I followed her from behind, hoping I wouldn't hear any smashing sound anymore; or I'd lose control for real. I really wanted to run all the way upstairs, and knock down his bedroom door, but then my mind reminded me that his parents were home. 

I really didn't want his parents to think of me in the wrong way - a strange girl who looked like a hungry monster barged into their son's bedroom. They might just call the police, really. Judging from the way I looked like right now. 

"Riley, please. Let me in, honey. We'll talk about it," A bright haired woman was knocking on Riley's bedroom door when we reached upstairs. She was tall, and was wearing a round neckline, and cap sleeves dark blue dress. 

I couldn't really see her face yet because she was looking at the door. But from what I could see, she was some sort of a classy, and elegant woman. The way she had knocked on his door, the way she talked, and her dress - everything about her displayed that she was a classy lady. 

I flicked my eyes to Ms. Gail who was standing beside her, and I noticed how similar they looked alike - especially the sandy hair. Ms. Gail wrapped her arm around the woman's shoulder before saying something to her.

Then it struck me - the woman must be Riley's mother. She was Ms. Gail's sister, that was why they looked really alike. I gulped as I couldn't help but to feel nervous. This would be our first meeting. 

"Gail," Rebecca called, and Ms. Gail turned to look at us instantly. A relief expression appeared on her face as she put a hand on her chest gratefully. The woman who might just be Riley's mother shifted her gaze to look at us, and it immediately fell upon me. 

Oh man. What if she hated me?

"Ah, thank God you're here," Ms. Gail said, rushing towards my direction. She gave me a quick hug before facing me again. "How did you get here so fast?" She scrutinized me, raking her eyes up and down. 

"Bike," I grimaced, feeling slightly embarrassed. I could see it from her face how horrible I was looking like right now. Heck, I didn't even dare to touch my own hair. I bet it looked like an oak tree if not a huge Christmas tree. 

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