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I had English the next day. 

Yeah. English.

I flicked my eyes to the seat beside me, disappointed to see it was still empty. I had been hoping my eyes caught it wrong, and Riley was actually here with me. 

But no - he wasn't there. Even after I rubbed my eyes for countless times, Riley Flynn wasn't in the class on that day. 

Mixed feelings started to fill in my heart. I tried my best to concentrate on the class, but it was useless. My mind could only think of him, and where he could he be right now. 

Ms. Gail was here, though, and she was writing on the white board, putting on a calm expression. That meant Riley was fine, I hoped so. I really wanted to ask her why he skipped school today, but I realized it wasn't really appropriate. 

I decided to wait until the class ended. 

But waiting had never been as painful as this. I felt like the clock was mocking me as I waited with bated breath for the bell to ring. I kept tapping my pen on the side of my head, focussing my eyes on the wall clock. 

Tick tock

Tick tock

I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. For the hundredth time, I turned my closed eyes to look at Riley's seat, praying hard that he would miraculously show up. 

"Abracadabra," I mouthed, inaudible before opening my eyes. 

He wasn't there. My magic didn't work. My ultimate crush, Riley wasn't sitting beside me today.  

"Ellie?" Ms. Gail called my name, and I jumped a little. I turned my eyes to look at her, blinking in surprise. "Is everything alright?" she asked using a concern tone. 

No. Where was Riley?

I nodded without saying anything, and Ms. Gail gave me a knowing smile. I bet she knew why I was acting like a crazy woman in her class, casting a useless spell, hitting myself with a pen. 

Ten minutes left. Yes - just ten freaking minutes. 

I clasped my hands together, breathing steadily. I didn't really care people were now staring at me like I was some sort of an alien. I just wanted to talk to Ms. Gail and ask her where Riley was, and why he skipped school. 

Was this had to do with yesterday's event? God, I hoped not. 



People started emptying the classroom while I shoved my book, and pen into my backpack recklessly. When everyone had left the classroom, I walked towards the teacher's desk, praying in my head that Riley was fine, and nothing bad really did happen to him. 

"Ms. Gail," I stood in front of her desk, clasping my hands together. "Riley. Is he-"

"He's fine, Ellie," Ms. Gail answered before I could even ask her the question.

 I wondered again if I were really that predictable. 

I sighed in relief, every muscle in my body finally relaxing. But then she told me, "He's got an appointment in the hospital this morning. That's why he had to skip school today." 

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