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The rain was still pouring down heavily when we reached Sophie's school. I wiped the window using my hand, trying to locate where my sister was — and my heart stopped beating as I didn't see her standing at the usual place.

Where was she?

I couldn't even breath or speak — and couldn't believe this was happening. Sophie couldn't be missing. I'd never forgive myself if anything bad ever happened to her — she's my only sister, my only. 

"Sophie isn't there," I croaked, putting my hand on my chest as my eyes did its job to search for my sister. "Where's she? God...."

Ms. Gail craned her neck to look at me. "I'm sure she's waiting for you inside the school, Ellie. Don't panic, I'm sure she's fine." she said, trying to calm me down. 

"I'm going to find her," I told her, and my hand was already trying to open the door before I heard Riley spoke,

"I'm coming with you."

I shook my head. "No, Riley. You stay here. I'll be fine," I said, rejecting his kind offer. 

"I know I'm blind, but I can still hear, you know," Riley mumbled, sounding a little annoyed. I opened my mouth, intending to stop him but he interjected, "I'm still going with you."

I sighed, debating with myself whether or not should I bring him along. The rain was showing no sign of stopping — and my sister was alone, nowhere to be found. 

I made a decision. "Okay, let's go." I agreed, and made myself ready to get wet. "Do you have an umbrella?" I asked Ms. Gail.

"Yes, it's in the hood," she prompted, nodding her head. "Let me go with you. I can be a help too."

"No. You stay and watch everything from inside the car. If you see her sister, just give me a call," Riley said firmly, and I've never seen him like this before. He looked so — determined to help me find my sister.

 Like it was his sister who's missing. 

"Riley's right," I agreed, and Ms. Gail sighed. "Let me just take the umbrella, and then we'll go and find my sister." I went out of the car, and my whole body drenched the moment I stepped outside — but seriously, I didn't care.

All I wanted at this point was to find Sophie. Nothing else did matter to me. 

After I've got the umbrella, I rushed to the front door, and opened the door for Riley. "Here, let me hold this," Riley said, taking the umbrella out of my hand. 

"But —"

"Ellie, now isn't the right time to fight, and be a pain in the ass. Let's just find your sister," Riley shut me up, and he grabbed my arm, dragging me away from there. 

Another thunder flashed, and still, the sky wasn't showing any sign of stopping the rain. It has made it even harder to search for my sister. I prayed, and prayed that nothing would've happened to her. 

"Sophie! Where're you?" I shouted, trying my best to find Sophie — but no one replied. We searched everywhere — the parking lot, the main door, the garden, and even inside the school building, but there was still no sign of Sophie. 

"Sophie!" I screamed again, obviously exasperated, and I felt like my world turned upside down. I couldn't imagine if I couldn't see my little sister again. 

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