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Hey, guys! I'm here to announce the winners of my one shot contest! :D I've received a ton of cute and excellent entries and each of it had made me smile like an idiot. So, thank you for that and thank you for entering. I hope you've had fun writing those one shots as much as I'd enjoyed reading them :)

So here we go!

The third place goes to ~

That Summer I Turned Raining by helloastrido

It was - hands down - one of the creepiest and most mysterious story I'd read it my life. The author has taken a completely different pathway from everyone else and even I, never have imagined that someone would write something like that. The one shot is about Sophie and if I'm not mistaken, all of the characters are present. You guys go and read it and don't forget to tell her how amazing she is, alright? :) Congratulations!

The second place!

With All My Heart by thelightwoods

This one was one of the last one shots I'd read and judged and I was glad I did. Her writing style is brilliant, I'm truly impressed with the descriptions she's written. I even had to stalk her because I was curious of her other stories. Never thought she's from Malaysia too. Just wow. For a Malaysian, to have a good grammar and excellent writing like that requires a high level of hard work and passion. I thought she was better than me at some points, honestly. This one shot is about Ben and Reese, and she got their personalities written almost perfectly. Their banters are hilarious and the idea is simply cute. Brilliant, brilliant job. Congratulations!

And now, the final moment has come! The Winner of The Boy Who Lost His Sight One Shot Writing Contest goes to -

*Cue louder drumrolls*

The Daring Adventure by _alo0l

There are no better words to describe the one shot other than truly touching and heartwarming. It was different from everyone else's entries too. To be honest, the idea is pretty cliche' and you can probably predict what'd happen but the story itself makes you want to continue reading it - to know what actually happened and why it happened. I almost cried when I was reading it and I have to admit that the ending ripped my heart out of my chest. I could barely comment properly after that lol. But, seriously, it's amazing. The one shot is about Riley and Ellie and what'd happened to them after the epilogue. Excellent job, Alla :)

Love Never Dies by benitaluvsyou has the cutest cover ever and Elley by _moonshine has the cutest title ever. I think it's even cuter than Rillie :P The other one shots that impressed me are The Summer of Us by Hayitsalexandra and All That Matters by _gottalovecats_

Anyhow, congratulations to you guys who had made an incredible effort to write a one shot about my babies. I appreciate it more than I can even put into words. Thank you for supporting me and TBWLHS. It has 8 million reads now which is just wow for me. As a gift, I've posted a special bonus chapter, and also the winning one shot for you to read it!

Thank you. For the zillionth time probably :P

Much love,


This is dedicated to _alo0l the author of the winning one shot. After you've read her on her page, do me a favor and tell her how amazing she is :)

*Edit: I removed the one shot from this section due to several reasons. Please do visit her page to read the one shot :)

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