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Dedicated to my Watty best friend Eunica. There are no words to describe how awesome she is, and she has always been there for me. Thanks dude ;) <3 



"Alright, let's do this," I said, heading out the room, tugging Riley along with me. "So I have a question for you."

"Why am I not surprised?"

"You seem to be close to Ms. Gail." I started.

"She's my aunt. I figured you already know that, seeing you'd been stalking me since yesterday," Riley said sarcastically, shrugging.

I frowned. "Who said I was stalking you? I am just being nice, and helping my teacher out. I thought everyone do that."

He snorted. "Yeah right. If you're not stalking me, then you should've been able to explain why're you being nice to me," he stated. "No one really talks to me except you."

"Well. Like I told you, I'm just being nice, and helping out my teacher. Nothing more, Riley Flynn. Don't be flattered."

"Who said I'm flattered?"

"Geez, I wonder how Ms. Gail puts up with you," I rolled my eyes, turning into a corner. We walked down the hallway, with people staring at us. It wasn't as difficult as I thought — considering everyone moved away when we passed. 

I tilted my feet to lean closer to his ear. "Everyone is still staring at us. Do you think I should start waving my hand or something?" I joked with hope he'd smiled. 

Riley shook his head, and a smile spread over his lips. "You really are strange, Ellie." 

"Can you stop calling me weird?"

"I didn't call you weird. I said you're strange."

"They're synonyms, nerd." I said, and he let out a small laugh. I tightened my grip, and lifted my eyes to see his face. 

There's still a trace of a smile — that infectious smile on his face.

"You laughed." I mused, smirking. 

He scowled. "No, I didn't."

When we got to the classroom, I paused at the doorway. "Which seat is yours?" 

"At the back, the second table on the left," Riley replied, and I removed my arm from his and grabbed his hand — placing it on my shoulder so that he could follow behind me. 

"There you go, Mr. Flynn. Do you need anything else?" I asked as I helped him to sit down on the chair. 

Riley grinned, and I smiled once again the moment I looked at him. "No, I think I'm good from here," he told me. It took him a few seconds before he hesitatedly added, "thanks."

I shook my head. "It's no problem. I'll come to you later on. We'll go to the cafeteria together, during lunch."

"I don't go to the cafeteria, Ellie." He said, his jaw tightened a little bit, but his voice remained calm. 

"Yeah, yeah, I know. But now you're stuck with me so you just have to," I said, and he tried to protest. But before he could even do that I said, "I'll see you later. Take care!" and turned around, leaving his classroom. 

I think it went pretty well, don't you think?


"Come on!"

"No. I said no!"

I sighed. "Riley, please. Don't make this hard for the both of us. Are you seriously going to let me starve?" I pouted.

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