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"Can I see you again?"

I blinked my eyes, staring at him as he spoke. This was another occasion that I couldn't help but to blush. This cute guy wanted to see me again — me! 

"Oh, yeah. Sure," I replied, internally congratulating myself that I didn't stutter or make myself look stupid. 

"Cool," Aiden said, shooting me another flashing smile. I wondered, how blessed he was to have a face like that — it wasn't supposed to be legal, really.

And then he opened the door for me, and we both got into the classroom together. A few people were already staring as I walked towards an empty seat — and I guessed, it was because of Aiden. 

I bet they were like 'Who's that girl with Aiden?' and this actually made me feel so awkward as I'd always hated, to be the center of attention. I was totally invisible to everyone in Lenoir — and there's no way in hell a cute guy like Aiden would've wanted to talk to me. 

And when I moved here — I instantly became somebody who everyone were gossiping about, and the first week of school wasn't even over yet. Everyone probably knew my name already — and my class, and everything. 

But to be honest,  I'd rather have people gossiping about me because I helped the boy who lost his sight than someone who just got the attention of probably the cutest boy alive. 

Because helping the boy who lost his sight was the right thing to do, and it meant something to me. 

I pulled my hair into a messy bun, and took out my History text book out of my bag. Luckily, the only two seats left in the classroom was far away from each other — one at the front, and the other is situated at the back of the room.  

I chose the seat at the back of the class, of course — that way, I wouldn't have people staring at me all the time. 

"Class, please open page twenty-one of your text book, and start your reading. I will ask questions based on the title in about twenty-minutes." Mr. Jameson, my history teacher instructed. 

This man was in his thirties, I guessed. His hair was thinning, and some of them were in white. He's short, and paunchy — I couldn't remove my eyes from staring at his round, big stomach. Anyhow, never judge a book by its cover, eh?

I flicked my eyes to Aiden who was sitting on the seat in front of the class — and I caught him looking over at me. 

I blushed immediately. Was he staring at me? If he was, that's pretty creepy, and not forgetting I looked like a monster right now — with my messy hair bun, and everything. 

Well — maybe it wasn't exactly the smartest idea to sit at the back of the class 

I smiled awkwardly, and he smiled back. Yup - he was definitely checking me out. Great, Ellie. You looked like a monster, and the cute guy was staring at you. 


"Mr. Miller?" our paunchy history teacher asked, tapping his hand on Aiden's table. "Is there a problem?" 

"No, sir." Aiden said immediately, craning his neck to look at the front. I looked down, hoping Mr. Jameson wouldn't ask me the same question. I hoped he didn't see me smiling at Aiden. 

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