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Tick tock tick tock

I sat back on the swing as I waited for Riley in the garden. It has been more than fifteen minutes, but he hasn't shown up yet. I wondered what was he up to when he said he knew someone who could help me. 

Wait, he wasn't thinking of driving me back home, was he?

No, of course not. That would be totally ridiculous. I mean, Riley always had crazy ideas, and he could be very mean, but he wasn't that stupid. Except if he wanted to get rid of me once and for all. 

But he wouldn't do that, would he?

I pushed my feet onto the ground, and leaned back in the swing. I thought back about the surgery that he mentioned just now, and somehow, I wished he would do it. At least he could see everything again, and get his life back. 

But then the risk's high, and I didn't know whether I could ever live normally again if something did happen to him. In some way, Riley had become a part of my life. 

If something did happen to him, who would sit beside me in English? Who would mock, taunt and make fun of me? And the most important part, who'd ever make me smile like an idiot all the time?

Wow. I realized he's quite important to me. 

Riley showed up a few moments later, and he already had his shades on. "Ellie, are you still here?" he asked, walking down to my direction. 

"Do you seriously think I'm going to run away from your house?" I teased, getting on my feet. 

"Well, who knows. You're unpredictable...... And nuts."

I smiled. "I told you I would never leave you."

He gave me a close mouth smile, the one which has always made the butterflies in my stomach goes wild. "Thanks," he said in a soft, low tone that sent shivers to my spine. 

"You're welcome." I muttered while congratulating myself inside my head that I managed to utter each word properly. I thought I was going to pass out. 

He breathed out, still smiling. "Oh, well. I called someone for you. He said he could send you home,"

I raised an eyebrow. He?  "Who?" I asked in confusion, trying to think of someone who he might just call. But then Reese had said every single of his friends left him after the accident. They thought he's a freak. 

Riley simply gave me a half-smile. "You'll see. Let's wait in the driveway. His house is just three blocks away from mine, so he should be here in minutes,"

I was about to ask something, but Riley was already walking away from there, heading towards the driveway. 

"Can I ask you something?" he suddenly asked, taking a sit on the steps in front of the main door. 

"Yeah. Sure," I replied, and took a seat next to him. I flicked my eyes to look at him, and was actually thankful he had his shades on. His brown eyes were too hot for my view. 

"You know almost everything about me which I don't even know why," Riley said, shrugging. "But I don't know anything about you. I mean, other than you have a brother and a sister, and you're weird,"

I bit the inside of my cheeks as I didn't know how to answer his question. I supposed Ms. Gail hasn't told him about my parents. If she did, Riley would've treated me nicer because he's a good guy. 

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