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A couple of weeks passed, and I had spent most of my time with Riley. We did almost everything together — homeworks, school stuffs, and I had even got a chance to teach him how to read a book in Braille.

It surprised me a little that he hadn't learned it, even though it has been more than a year since he was blind. Ms. Gail told me that Riley didn't want to learn it. He said it made him look so stupid. 

She asked for my help to convince him, and to my surprise, he agreed to learn how to read it. To be honest, it wasn't that hard to convince him. Well, Riley did get angry at first, but then he finally obliged. 

"Okay, Riley. Now, try to read this," I said softly, and guided his fingers to touch a word on the Braille book. It was just a simple story book which Ms. Gail had bought for him as last year's Christmas' gift. But he never used it. 

His fingers examined the word tentatively, and I tried my best not to laugh at how adorable, and cute his face expression was. It took him some moments as he never did know how to read Braille before this. It was his first lesson. 

"Food?" Riley guessed, turning his eyes in my direction. His eyes glimmered with hope and curiosity, and he was putting on a serious expression. "Ellie, is it correct?" He asked again when I didn't respond to his answer. 

I smiled, and clapped my hands. "Yay! You did it! Your first word!" I cheered loudly for him, and he smiled instantly. "Well done, Riley! I knew you can do it!" 

He let out a low chuckle. I could see it clearly how much it meant to him. Both his dimples were visible as a huge smile plastered on his face. No matter how many times I saw that smile, it could still weakened my heart, and made me smile along. 

That's how infectious his smile was. 

But still, I hadn't gotten the chance to meet his parents, even though I went to his house for almost every day. Riley told me his parents were always busy with their works, and they're always out of the country. 

And it seemed like Riley didn't like to talk about them. Well, I couldn't blame him, though. His parents should've been here for him. If I were him, maybe I would've acted the same way. 

As days passed, I became closer to him,. My days were exceptionally wonderful, and full of laughter. He had changed a bit, I guess. Riley never did howl, or get angry at me anymore.

And the best part was, he finally learned how to say thank you and please to me!

I couldn't be more happier with my life now. 

Although, I hadn't invited him to my house. Well, Riley never did care, though, and he never did ask about it. I still wasn't sure about telling him that my parents were dead.

The reasons were still the same, I didn't want him to change his attitude towards me, and I was afraid of losing the Riley I've known for the past few weeks. 

The Riley I might be falling for. 

Nevertheless, I realized I have to tell him about my past someday. Friends should share every secret together — good or bad. It'd make the friendship become even stronger, and happier. 

And maybe I just was over-thinking, and exaggerating about this. Maybe Riley wouldn't change his attitude towards me, even though I told him that I didn't have any parents. 

We talked almost about everything now — music, food, and of course, Spongebob. 

Riley loved Avenged Sevenfold's rock music while I hated the band, and their music creeped me out. 

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