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Shout out to Andrea Claire, Eunica's best friend :) Thanks for reading my story! 


Breath, Ellie, breath.

I bet you were wondering why did I have such a hard time to absorb the oxygen into my lungs. Well, not just that - my hands were also trembling, and my feet refused to move even for an inch. 


Reese's voice echoed inside my ears, pulling me out of my thoughts. I turned my eyes to her, blinking in surprise. My best friend gave me a confused look as she raised an eyebrow.

"Why are we stopping?" she asked, confused. I took the time to observe her up and down, only to realize how good she looked. Reese was just wearing a brown shorts, and a simple yellow blouse. Her light blonde hair was braided.

But she looked really awesome. 

Then I looked down at myself. I was wearing a pair of long jeans, and a plain white, almost baggy button-down shirt. My dark brown hair was frizzy, I bet it looked like a bee swarm. 

I began to regret that I didn't ask for Aaron's help. 

"The game is starting. Let's get inside!" Reese said, trying to pull me with her, but my body refuses to move. I just stood there like an ugly statue in front of the gym. 

Yes - I was at the gym to watch Aiden's match. I told him I would come only if I could bring Reese with me. 

Aiden said okay. 

But even with my best friend here with me, I was still scared like hell. I had never been to a basketball match before, not even once. Of course, there was a basketball team back in my old school, but I had never actually cared about it. 

Why should I? They hated me. 

Plus, this school's gym was much bigger than my old school's ones. People had been going in and out of the gym door, and some of them even gave me a sly look. 

I swallowed the lump forming inside my throat. "I'm scared. Everyone is going to be here, right?" 


I widened my eyes in shock. "Reese, you're the one who told me that people are talking about me and Aiden. What if they do something bad to me in there?" I exclaimed, throwing my hands up in the air. 

She sighed. "They won't, Ellie. Yes, everyone's going to be inside there including the teachers and parents. Stop worrying for too much!"

My head dropped down, and I wasn't convinced by her words at all. I had a feeling that this was a mistake, I should have said no to Aiden yesterday. 

Why was it so hard to say no? God, I was really a chicken. 

"Let's just get inside," Reese exasperated, looping her arm through mine. She technically dragged me towards the gym door, and pushed the door using her other hand.. 

I blinked in surprised, and my heart literally stopped beating when I realized that everyone was really here. I mean, I was just saying that - I never thought the gym would be a full house. 

Ellie, of course everyone would be here. It was a basketball match, idiot. I even heard that basketball was much more popular than any other sports including baseball and football in this school. 

"Do you think there are any seats left?" I asked, leaning closer to Reese's ear. It was very noisy inside here as everyone seemed to be talking to each other, and there were cheerleaders dancing in the middle of the court. 

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