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About the Book

Hey, everyone! It's just me. Again. I know you're (very) expecting an Ellie's letter update but it's not hahaha. You'll just have to wait for a while! However, I'm going to talk more about the published version of The Boy Who Lost His Sight. To make it simple, I'll explain them in a question-answer form down below! Here we go;

Is the published version different from the Wattpad Version?

Of course! I wrote TBWLHS on Wattpad when I was seventeen. So, there were a lot of changes that I really wanted to do to make the book become more realistic and mature. Plot-wise – I have to say that there won't be much different. The book is still focusing on Ellie and Riley but I've added several new scenes and edited the existing ones.

The book will explore deeper on other additional characters like Aiden (you'll love him this time, I swear), Riley's parents and Ellie's friends (Ben!!). I also like to think that my writing has improved since three years ago so, that's another thing. The book has been edited by a professional editor so, grammar Nazis, you should be happy! All in all, I really, really can't wait for you to read this new version It's better. Really.

I live outside of Malaysia, can I still buy the book?

No worries, people! My publisher has ensured me that they can do delivery to almost every country in the world. Just go on to their website ( and search for my book in the search section. Some of the words are in our language but just ignore them and focus on finding TBWLHS! The delivery rates depend on which country you live in, and it can be known after you've filled up everything. Terfaktab has made loads of deliveries to countries such as Indonesia, Australia, UK, USA, Japan, Brunei and many more.

Got any questions? Ask them on twitter @Terfaktab and they'll answer you immediately!

I live in Malaysia, where can I get the book?

It'll be available in all MPH branches, Kinokuniya, selected Popular stores, selected book stores, and of course, Terfaktab's shop located in Shah Alam. The distribution date will probably be different for each book stores, though. The easiest and fastest way is still through online!


Woah, woah. I know, buddy. I get this a lot ever since. Yes, it's true. I've deleted most of TBWLHS chapters. The book will be published in October 2016. It is in less than 2 weeks, if everything goes well. It is published through traditional style. Which means, there is a contract between me and the publisher. Like it or not, I have to follow the policy that we both have mutually agreed on. One of them is I need to leave only the samples on Wattpad. Nothing more. 

This saddens me so much, you don't even know! I cried okay, haha. But I have to do what I need to do. It's not the nicest feeling to go on Wattpad and see all of these negative vibes just because the book is gone now. There is no better gift to an author than their readers and fans ♡ ♡ So, I truly hope you will understand my decision.

Do you have an exact release date?

For now, no. But I think it'll be available for pre-ordering or online ordering in early October. As always, you can always follow me on Twitter, Instagram or my publisher on Twitter (@Terfaktab). But I'll still tell you the date on Wattpad soon when I have it! Keep posted.

Will there be a book launch event?

I'm pretty sure, yes! I'm so excited for this part hahaha. If you ever find yourself free and you are in Malaysia at the time (probably in the KL/Selangor area), please do come and say hi! I would love to meet as many of you guys as I can!

Can we see the new book cover? Pleaseeeeeeee

The best part. Behold;

(If you can't see this picture, go to my Twitter page!)

Anything else?

All in all, I can't wait for you to read this version of TBWLHS. If I would have to describe what the book is going to be like; it's different, fresh and not the TBWLHS that you know while still maintaining its original charm. I took 5 months to edit the whole thing. I cried so much because I still needed to study for my degree hahaha but it's all worth it! I hope you'll fall in love over and over again.

Even the blurb on the back cover excites me so much. To quote: But when there is hope, there is always a risk for a major heartbreak. Damn, did I really write that? 

Thank you for reading this! Ellie's letter is going to be my next Bonus so, don't worry and please be patient, my love! :P If I have not answered your question, feel free to leave it down below. Anyway my inbox is a mess so if you wanna talk to me, go straight to my social media accounts. I'm there like all the time hahaha.

Till next time!!



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