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REWRITE VERSION (14/5/2013) 



They say curiousity kills the cat. 

But this time, curiousity definitely killed me. 

"Wait! Riley!" I shouted, literally jumping out of the chair before I started chasing the guy named Riley Flynn. 

I thought he was going to stop, like, any normal human being would just do every time they hear someone calling (screaming) their names. But my prediction turned out wrong as he didn't even show any sign of interest to stop walking. Riley even sped up his pace, and eventually made his way out of the class door. 

"Riley, where are you going?" Ms. Gail asked, her eyes held concerness as he walked pass through the teacher's table without saying a thing. I showed her a quick smile before rushing out of the class. 

I turned my head to the right and left, trying to locate him. There were quite a number of students filling in the hallway so I couldn't see where he was. After a couple of seconds, my eyes finally landed on a boy wearing a red shirt—and I was pretty sure that was Riley. I became even more sure when everyone seemed to be creating some sort of an aisle for the boy to walk. 

When I was about a foot behind him, I grabbed his arm. "Riley...." My voice trailed as I was attempting to catch my breath. I lifted my eyes to see his face, and boy, it was so obvious he was pissed. I couldn't help but to wonder why. "Why... are .... you running away from me?" 

He pulled his arm out of my grab harshly, causing me to stumble slightly. "Who says I'm running away from you?" Riley said, "And even if I am. It's obviously because I don't want to talk to you."

"What did I do wrong?"


"Then why don't you wanna talk to me?"

Riley let out a grunt. "Gosh, you're so annoying. I just don't want to!" he barked, and the people standing and walking near to us were now staring.


"Okay. Bye." Riley ended our conversation, and he started walking away from there, leaving me behind. I watched him walk a few feets away from me, and I had a feeling he didn't even know where he was at this time. 

"Where are you going? I can help you to get there," I offered my help, jogging to catch his fast pace. Riley totally ignored me while he tapped all of the floor using his walking stick, making sure nothing was blocking his way. God, why was he so stubborn? Taking a deep breath, I said, "Riley."

"I don't need your help. I can do this myself," he snapped, but I didn't believe his words even for a second.

"Do you even know where you are right now?"



He stopped in his tracks instantly. "I said I don't need your help, idiot! Is that so hard to be understood? Are you really that dumb?" Riley growled, turning himself to face me.

 I blinked my eyes in surprise, and for a couple of moments, he seemed shock too. Sighing, he finally added, "Look, just get lost from here, okay? I don't want any help and I don't want anyone near around me. I told you I hate people."

I didn't say anything and just stood there, watching him as he ranted at me. I wasn't mad at him—annoyed yes, but it was still bearable. 

"Stay. There." Riley warned, pointing a finger at the top of my head. Feeling slightly offended, I took his hand and gestured it so that his finger was pointing at my forehead instead. 

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