EXTRA 2: Random Moments

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Dedicated to the third place winner of my one shot contest - helloastrido. Go and read her amazing one shot after this, alright? :)

Random Moments with the Characters


<> The Bitch is Back <>

At the school gym,

"Hey captain, is it true Flynn coming for training today?" Austin, a member of Crestville High basketball team inquired.

Aiden bounced the ball, slipping pass through another teammate of his and threw the ball over the net. He trudged his way towards Austin. "Yeah. He should -"

Before Aiden could finish up his words, the large gym door swung open and everyone turned their attention to it. His lips broke off into a huge grin when he saw his best friend walk into the gym.

"I'm back, assholes."

Everyone gasped.


<> Blondies : Part One <>

Ben was looking at her from far, still trying to think of how he could just admit his feelings for her. It was hard. The girl wasn't like any girl he'd ever met. (Not that he'd ever dated any hot girl before, no)

He gulped, taking a deep breath and finally made his way towards her. Ben fixed his bleach-colored hair, making sure he looked good. His hands were trembling as his heartbeat increased. Never have he ever felt this way in his whole life. There was something about her that always made him feel nervous and angry at the same time. It was just plain weird.

"Yo, girly," Ben greeted, hoping he had sounded cool. Ellie told her that she liked cool and funny boy. He thought he got it.

Unfortunately for Ben, she didn't look happy to see him. "What do you want, Ben? Go play with your hacky sack some place else," she said.

"This is a public place. I can stand where ever I want to," Ben said in another fail attempt to act cool. He added, "And don't say bad things about my hacky sack!"

She shrugged. "Whatever," she ended their conversation and started walking away from there.

Ben knew he's got to do something. "Wait, Reese," he said, yanking his arm. Reese turned to look at him, giving him a suspicious look. "I - I gotta tell you something."

"Something ....?"

He really didn't know what to do and he wished Riley or Aiden were here with him. They were always good with girls.

Screw it.

Ben kissed Reese (More like banged his lips onto hers).

And then he just ran away.

To be continued .....


<> One Hot Night <>





"One night stand?"

Ms. Gail's mouth fell open, and she stared at him in disbelief. "NO!"

He gave her a sheepish smile. "I'm just kidding. Well, not entirely,"

"Aaron," Ms. Gail said, clearing her throat, trying to act professionally. "Your sister and my nephew are dating -"

"I know that."

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