BONUS 1 - Riley's Letter

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MAJOR SPOILER ALERT. Don't read this if you haven't read the entire book!

In which Riley writes a letter to Ellie. Three years later...

Dear Ellie,

To be honest, I think this whole thing is pretty ridiculous. I mean, look, you're sitting right in front of me. We could just speak to each other like all normal people are doing in this park. Then again, everything about you is ridiculous. Ridiculously insane. Ridiculously beautiful. And I guess, I am ridiculously in love with you to do this.

No, no. Don't get that smile all big just yet. I haven't said a thing.

Here we go;

I'm horrible at expressing myself. I can't say things that others can say perfectly well. I don't say enough thank you. I don't remember me telling my parents that I love them. I couldn't force myself to tell my teammates that they played better in the games even though I always felt so. I was like the worst person ever. (Or maybe not. I didn't kill anybody.)

Everything kind of change after I met you. You keep on telling me that it's always okay to say the things we need to say as long as we're not hurting anyone. Always. So, I thought I should give it a try with the most important people first – my parents.

I wrote a note to my mother with a 'I love you, Mom' in it. She cried. On another day, I told her the same thing at dinner – this time, verbally. It came out awkward and random, I guess but we did hug for at least 15 minutes. After that, I did the same to Dad. He patted my back and told me, thank you and we spent the whole night together watching TV. I swear he teared a little bit in the dark. Cute.

It may look like nothing to everyone else -- even to you, perhaps -- but it has to be one of my greatest moments in life. I was able to express myself. I found the word I needed to say. I'm still struggling but I think I'm getting the hang of it. There is no anti-Riley Flynn club in college so, I guess I'm pretty likable now! Thanks, Ellie. You're right. Again. You're always right. I hate you sometimes. You're too perfect.

Sometimes, I almost forgot that I had been blind. It feels more like a dream. A nightmare. I was in the dark for so long that my biggest fear has become darkness . The summer after the surgery, anxiety struck me. I was scared to close my eyes. I feared it might be over for me if I do it. I didn't want to wake up and not being able to see you the next day. I was too happy to lose everything again – all because of you.

You told me it was okay to be scared. Everyone has fears. I saw you hold my hand before I sleep and I saw it again after I woke up. Every single morning. I knew by then that you're the first person that I would love to spend the rest of my life with. Blind or not, you make me happy. Very happy.

Being around you for the last three years, I learn that it's never wrong to feel everything. Fear. Sorrow. Anger. It's okay if you're okay. It's okay if it makes you feel better. You don't have to be happy and perfect all the time.

My hand hurts now. I think maybe I should stop. I don't understand how you're still writing my letter. Are you secretly a witch with strong hands or something? Can't wait to read you gushing about me by the way! I know I'm the greatest.

You are my love. My best friend in the entire universe. My home.

I'm gonna hug you now. Bye.


Riley Flynn. 

* * *

Gahhhhhh, it feels like 2013 again, I swear. I miss this boy in my head. I would always have a soft spot for Riley. He's just so.. special, isn't he? 

I hope you've enjoyed yourself reading this! This is the first bonus stuffs that I've promised you before! There will be more to come, of course. I know you're waiting for that Ellie's little letter already :p 

Also, this is a kind of a sneak peek to Riley's character in the published book. He's still our ever perfect boy but during editing, I've explored deeper into his past and how it affects the way he acts and sounds like. Get the book in October to read more about Riley Flynn!

Oh, I'm collecting questions about the book too! So if you have any of those and it's bothering your mind, just let me know down below ♡

Till next time!



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