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His brown eyes were boring inside mine, piercing my heart like a knife. My heart beated faster per moment, hammering inside my chest. I've never felt so nervous yet so vulnerable in my seventeen years of living on planet Earth. 

"Ellie, what is it?" Riley prompted as I didn't say anything. His face was confused, and there was a tingle of concern in his voice. Maybe he could sense something was off with me tonight. 

"I-" I opened my mouth, mentally cursing myself for being such a chicken. I didn't even know why was it so hard to tell him. 

My parents are dead. 

Just those three words, Ellie. Stop fussing!

Okay, those were actually four words, but you can't blame me. I was incredibly nervous at this point that the left side of my brain had stopped working properly. 

"Ellie, are you okay?" Riley's voice deepened, scrunching his nose in confusion. God, stop looking so adorable! 


Breath, Ellie, breath. 

Full of determination and courage, I opened my mouth once again before Aaron shouted:

"Hey, Ellie. Are you coming or what? It's time for the cake!" 

Great timing, bro!

I sighed, dropping my head to look down on the floor. Aaron could really destroy everything sometimes. "We're coming," I shouted back before lifting my eyes to look at Riley again. "I guess we should get going. They're waiting for us."

"No, wait," Riley grabbed my arm, sending sparks through me. "Tell me the important thing you wanna say. The cake could wait."

I bit the inside of my cheeks nervously. Should I tell him now?

"Ellie!" Aaron shouted again, using an annoyed tone. I thought he's more excited than Sophie when it comes to cake. That guy could really eat like a pig. 

I rolled my eyes before grabbing Riley's hand off my arm. "I'll tell you later, I promise," I smiled, squeezing his hand.

He looked away, obviously unsatisfied. I saw his jaw clench, and his muscle tensed. "Fine," he eventually gave in, and I grinned like an idiot. 

Riley always made me look like an idiot. Always. 

Looping my arm through his, I led Riley to the lounge. Everyone was already there — Sophie who never stopped smiling since this morning was standing in front of the cake. Aaron's eyes were now focused on the cake, and he was no longer checking out Ms. Gail. 

He cared about the cake more than flirting with Ms. Gail, I guess. 

Thanks, cake. 

All of us sang the birthday song for my little sister before Sophie sliced her cake using the plastic knife. She looked so happy that I just wanted to cry. Her eyes were shining when we sang the song for her, and the little smile was plastered on her face. 

If only I could pause the time, I would do it right now. 


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