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I was twenty minutes early. 

Aaron had dropped me off first because my school was nearer than Sophie's. I really didn't know the way around here so I didn't want to walk to school on my first day, got hopelessly lost, and turned up late. 

The gate across the main entrance was open but as I walked up to the front door, there was nobody around. The school ground was as huge as what I'd expected it to be like.  

There was a field on one side with a whole bunch of brown picnic benches. On the other side was a parking lot. 

I decided to look around for a while, seeing the fact I was still early. The school buildings were painted in white, and at some parts, it were painted in peach. There was a bronze-colored lion statue placed right in front of the main door. I bet it was the school's mascot. 

I got into the school building, admiring all the beautiful paintings that were aligning on the wall. The school hallway was very huge, and I couldn't help but to feel so lucky that I get to study in this school even if it was just for a year. I turned into a corner, and instead of more paintings, students' lockers were attached to the wall now. I wondered which one would be mine. 

Students started filling in the building, and panic struck me instantly. I looked down to myself, hoping that I looked just fine. Neither too fancy, nor too simple. Sweats were leaking out of my palm while the beating of my heart increased rapidly. 

I was over thinking, I know, I know. But I was scared, and when you were scared as I was, it was hard not to be totally paranoid about almost everything. Even little things. 

I couldn't screw this. This year was my only chance to actually be someone. I might be a heck lot of happier, and more confident than I've ever been in Lenoir, but I was still too insecure. 

It had started well, I supposed. None of the students did give me any nasty or wry looks. They were just giving me the look of curiousity which they'd always give to someone new who just got into their lair. 

I walked deeper into the school building, exploring everything in here. I reached a section where a huge, glass trophy case was placed. I stood on my tiptoes, leaning against the case to get a better view of everything. Most of the trophies were from the basketball team, and a few were from other sports. 

'Hall Of Fame'

I flicked my eyes to the board which the basketball team player names had been written on it. I guessed, they were the best team the school have ever had. That is why their names were written on the 'Hall Of Fame' board.

Team Captain: Riley Flynn. 


I snapped my head to the right. A blonde-haired girl was standing beside me, wearing a huge smile on her face. She's got a pair of green eyes, and she was tall compared to me. Her skin was well-tanned, but it didn't surprise me that much - this was Florida. The land of tan-skinned people. 

She wasn't this type of girl who people would say 'drop-dead gorgeous' but she was pretty enough in my eyes. 

A huge grin stretched across my face quickly as she was the first person that ever gave me a genuine smile. "Hey," I tried to sound cool, and natural. I doubted it had succeeded, though. I was never a cool person. 

"You're new, aren't you?" 

I nodded, smiling sheepishly. "Yeah,"

"I'm Reese," She stretched her hand out for a handshake. 

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