17: Turning point

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You were going to kill Todoroki when you find him.

Fucking running off and making you follow after him... what the hell does he think he's doing?

Just 30 minutes ago, you, Endeavour, and Todoroki were on patrol when the attacks began. There was screaming left and right, filling the air along with inhuman sounds that belonged to these mutant beasts with brains showing.

Fires and explosions went off and there were pro heroes dealing with these abominations that seemed unkillable

Endeavour was the first to react and quickly burned the thing to a crisp and you were quick to follow his lead.

Once activating your quirk, you punched one of the monsters to the ground and started beating it up, tearing it's limbs off.

The thing slowly regenerated, which brought you frustration.

You bit into it's brain out of rage and pulled its chunks out as it screamed at you.

"Blood God. Move."

You recognized the voice as Endeavour's and slowly got up. You hesitantly looked at the writhing beast beneath you before moving out of the way for Endeavour to burn it.

"You did quite the number on it." He said before fire left his fist.

The man let out a grunt as he roasted the thing alive before turning to you.

"I need you to go after my son and make sure he doesn't get into trouble. Is that understood." He said and proceeded to tell you where to find him.

You grew confused and infuriated when you realized that Todoroki was gone.

What the fuck is he doing? There are villains to fight here!

You had a moment of clarity and spat the brain bits out of your mouth.

"Yes sir."

Before he could respond, another monster came into view and tackled the man. Endeavour shot fire into its face, making it lose its control over the situation.

And thus here you were, trying to find the stupid bicolored brat.

You nearly passed an alleyway before a noise and a flash of yellow and orange caught your eye.

There he was, fighting a deranged looking ninja and... and the greenette brat. For some reason, when the man licked his blade, Todoroki fell to the ground, laying on the ground.

Just as the man was about to strike the bicolored moron, you leapt into action, quite literally.

Your body rammed the man, making him tumble back and rip up his clothes from the pavement. He was caught in a daze before shaking it off and searching for who was responsible.

"...All Might?" The man said breathlessly before narrowing his eyes.

"...no... you're not All Might."

You ignored this as your brain was registering who this man was. You knew he was familiar, no one can forget someone with his ugly mug. You heard of his ideas and his rants about society a few times before. Everyone has.

You especially heard of what he did to a pro hero by the name of Ingenium.

"So... you're the hero killer: Stain."

The crazed man slowly stood up held his sword out, pointing at you.

"You... you're the fake that nearly killed the bicolored one." He spat.

You simply ignored this and looked past him to see Deku, Iida, and a man in a Native American themed costume. Midoriya locked eyes with you and immediately yelled to you in desperation.

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