1: the afflictions of a blood donor

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The needle inside your arm was uncomfortable, but you paid it no mind. The nurse next to you rambled on and on about her day and the patients she met before removing the needle from your arm.

You were a regular at the hospital, and it wasn't for check-ups.

You wiped the blood from your eyes and breathed out a sigh. The nurse returned with water, yogurt, iron pills, and towels after carting away the gallons of blood produced.

Why did they need all that blood?

Well, it's simple really. You were a blood bank, and a special one at that.

Ever since you developed your quirk, the doctors have discovered a few interesting things about your blood.

One, you were O negative.

Two, your blood had slight regenerative properties and gave people a short burst of strength.

Three, your blood was almost unlimited. Almost.

To say you were a precious donor is an understatement.

With your blood, you have helped a lot of patients, even those who didn't suffer from blood loss. Those with healing quirks were very uncommon, even more so in the medical field.

Your quirk was mostly strength and speed based, your blood was just an effect, a side effect.

A side effect that every doctor and nurse would want to get their hands on.

"Thanks for coming in, (Y/n)-Chan!" The nurse, Hannah, waved to you as you left the room, finishing your yogurt by squeezing the pouch tightly into your mouth.

You weren't aware of who was in front of you until it was too late.

The man let out a huff of air in surprise and clutched his side unconsciously. You dearly apologized but soon paused when you were met with wide, electric blue eyes.

All Might.

His mouth was moving and stuttering but you couldn't hear him for some reason. You just stared blankly at the man.

"-wasn't looking where I was going, I apologize." He said.

You continued to stare into his vibrant eyes before closing your own and breathing through your nose.

"It's... fine..." you stated and moved to leave.


You paused in your tracks and turned your head.

"Have we met before...?" The man seemed conflicted, by what you didn't know.

What you did know was that you weren't looking to be suspected of stalking this man and his little 'successor'.

"I don't think we have." You said, wanting nothing more than to leave.

"Actually, yeah. I think I remember." All Might said.

You could feel the hair raise on the back of your neck. You haven't seen him in person until recently, which could only mean that he saw you following him and that green shrimp.

"We met when you were in kindergarten!"


"What?" You asked. You almost stuttered in surprise from the claim.

"Yes! I went to an elementary school to say hi to the kids back then and you stood out the most! Always asking these interesting questions and standing tall and proud, your attitude and posture just screamed heroic!" All Might said in a boisterous tone.

You had to wrack your brain for such an important memory. You almost called him out for lying before something did pop up in your head.

Yeah. You did meet All Might in person.

You were at a school assembly, and he was one of the special guests along with some other heroes, one of them being Endeavour.

You can't remember what was said between you and the number 1 hero, but you did remember feeling so star struck while acting brave and tough in front of the man. All Might was obviously amused by your bravado but fed into it nonetheless.

"You were a cute kid, that was for sure!" He placed his fists on his hips with a broad smile.

As expected, you didn't smile back, instead staring at him as if he was a crazy drunk hobo.


And with that, you left the man standing there awkwardly, nearly forgetting about the kids he was supposed to be visiting that day.

After that awkward exchange, you went home to study for the exams that determined wether or not you were good enough to be a hero.

Written exams weren't you strongest feat, especially studying for longer than 5 minutes. You weren't a stupid brute. Just a brute who's mind wondered elsewhere.

Where was it wondering?

To that green brat.

You couldn't help but compare yourself to him. You were better in every way, shape, and form (minus nerdiness). You had better posture, your arms weren't twigs, and you had what it takes to face death itself. Of course, you wouldn't sacrifice yourself like an idiot, unlike that kid, who thinks being a hero is all that mushy garbage he talks about.

You could practically feel his naïveté from a mile away, and it was fucking disgusting.

Why the fuck did All Might choose him? What the hell went through the man's head????

You were semi aware that you were crushing a piece of paper between your fingers, but you couldn't care less. You were seething at the thought of some undeserving bastard getting the easy way out.

To have the number 1 hero on his side.

You didn't care about the hero's quirk, but who he was giving it to. It could have been anyone else. Your old teacher, a police man, hell, even that one kid in class that couldn't stop eating tater totes out of his pocket and drawing shitty lion-tigers.

But he chose some air-headed child.

Blood dropped onto your hands, breaking you from your troubling thoughts.

You accidentally activated your quirk again, and you couldn't afford getting more blood in your bright clothes. You already have so many dark colored clothes, mostly black, and the last thing you need is to look like an emo (nothing wrong with my emo pals).

Now looking at your crinkled up paper, you couldn't help but feel annoyance.


You don't need fractions to figure out how to beat a villain's ass and save people...


Special thank you to deCLAWed2 for giving me some ideas and having me extra inspired!

Up next? The entrance exams!!!!

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