12: a promise

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Coming across dogs in the park was nothing new to you. You enjoyed the little things like petting dogs of all different sizes and shapes.

What was a little different was the fact that this dog in particular was alone.

The bulldog had a collar, but no leash.

At first, you assumed that it was one of those dogs that was well behaved enough to not need a leash, but after having it follow you around and seeing no sign of the owner, you had a feeling that the dog might have been lost.

You dropped your groceries to the ground and sat on one knee, beckoning the dog to come over to you.

The dog scampered over to you and sat down, letting out heavy puffs of air.

You lifted a finger and held the tag up for you to see its- or his name.

"Tank." You said and turned the tag.

Once seeing the phone number, you immediately brought out your phone and tapped the numbers onto it.

As the phone rang, the bulldog next to you let out a loud fart, causing you to stare down at the dog.

"...better out than in." You said.


You almost jumped at the tired, gruff voice that spoke into your ear.

"Uh..." you said.

"Whoever this is, I think you have the wrong number." The voice said.

"No, wait, I have your dog." You interrupted.

"What." The voice said before the sound of shuffling sounded in the background, than stomping.

After a minute of the sounds, you heard the man curse under his breathe.

"May I know where you are right now." He asked/demanded.

"We're in musu park." You said as the dog next to you laid against your leg.

The man immediately hung up, leaving you in the silence. You turned to look at the dog, to which the bulky dog looked up with his tongue hanging out.

It had been over 30 minutes since then, and you were sure the cold stuff in your bags were growing warm, some of them melting.

A couple girls walked by, giggling and looking at you and the dog with blushes on their faces.

You watched the girls walk past you without turning your head, boredom clear as day on your face before looking back down at the dog.

"Look at you, getting the attention of girls." You said to the dog, to which he let out a groan.

You almost couldn't hear the stomps of someone heading your way. Almost.


Well, if you didn't notice the large man before, you definitely noticed him now.

Your eyes widened in recognition when seeing your teacher approach you two.

"(L/n)?" Sekijiro exclaimed in surprise.

"Sekijiro-sensei." You responded.

The man hesitated before bending down and picking up the dog, who groaned at suddenly being lifted.

"I did not know you would be here... my apologies for my dog." Sekijiro said while bowing a bit.

"He wasn't any trouble..." you said.

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