14: promises kept

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You're gonna take Ibara's place in Tetsutetsu's team during the cavalry battle.

Sorry plant queen, I love you! Please forgive me!


For the cavalry battle, you forced your team to avoid Deku's team, which held the 10 million points. You focused on collecting points off of others despite your team's complaints.

Of course, you immediately shut those complaints down with a simple glare. Juzo and Awase didn't even fight you, Tetsutetsu did, that is, until you gave him the most frightening look ever.

You four got more than enough points to head into the finals, just at second place behind Todoroki's team. Midoriya's was below your rank, which dimmed the fire inside, but only for a moment.

Only for a moment.

"Shit! You were right about avoiding the 10 million points!" Awase said once seeing Todoroki and his abilities.

"We still coulda got it..." Tetsutetsu said.

"We're not here to worry about silly games, Tetsutetsu, we got into the finals, which means we have a chance to get into first place." You said while staring down the greenette.

"You've been glaring at that guy for a while."

You snapped out of it and turned to look at Tetsutetsu.

"I thought that Bakugou guy was your arch nemesis or something, but you've been completely focused on the green haired guy."

"It's none of your business, Tetsu." You muttered.

Tetsutetsu shrugged but still stood beside you, watching the greenette as well.

'I wonder what he's done to get all of (Y/n)'s attention...' he thought as the greenette was speaking with his friend group.


You turned to glare at whoever came up to you. Monoma appeared before you and gripped your shoulders with wild looking eyes.

"You better win this for me- for us." He said in an intense manner.

"Yeah yeah, Monoma, we got this!" Tetsutetsu said while flexing his muscular arm.

You looked on in disinterest and then turned your attention back to Deku. He was approaching you. He was walking right towards you with his eyes locked onto yours. You soon started approaching him and his determined eyes slowly showed hints of fear.

You kept approaching, even as he stopped in his place.

You kept approaching... until Todoroki approached him.

You stopped with a frown and watched as the two teens walked away to somewhere.

They weren't friends. You could tell. It seems like Deku has more than one enemy, and you weren't about to let the Todoroki get in your way.

You silently followed the two, ready to confront them, or Deku, yourself before Todoroki started talking.

While you weren't able to have a chat with the greenette, you did learn a few interesting things about Todoroki's father...

Being respectful though, you didn't eavesdrop beyond him mentioning quirk marriages.

You could connect the dots on your own...

You left them alone, but not before passing Bakugou. You didn't realize he was listening as well, but you didn't say anything but lock eyes.

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