3: class 1b

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"...We will be seeing you at UA, (L/n)-san!" The white stoat/rat thing said before the projector shut off.

As expected, you passed UA's exams, coming in at number 1 with 88 villain points and 0 rescue points. You did okay on the written exams, and you were the best one in the physical exam, but what bothered you was the rescue points.

Sure, you showed that you were great in combat, but rescuing people? Apparently not.

You'll have to do better.

Your mother was thrilled, to say the least. Nervous but proud.

You stopped by the hospital to donate blood, briefly mentioning that you got in, which earned you a bunch of happy nurses, doctors, and patients congratulating you.

All in all, that day was pretty uneventful, and you were content with that. That day, you just quietly went on a walk, pet a few dogs that you met on your stroll, and best of all?

No green haired brat plaguing your thoughts.

It was the calm before the storm. The storm being the first day of UA.

Oh god.

You were admittedly a little nervous, but you were fine otherwise.

Until you weren't.

In front of a large door with an A on it stood him. The green haired Bitch.

How did he get into UA????

You wanted to beat the kid here and now, but you didn't wish to be late, so instead you walked his way and purposely bumped into him. He let out grunt in surprise and looked your way, wide-eyed.

"Move it, prick!" You said while continuing down the hallway.

You didn't look back, but you knew he was staring at you. Either in anger or fear, you didn't know, nor did you fucking care.

All you could tell yourself to calm your nerves was that you both weren't in the same class, so you won't be in the same room with him for the next 3 years.

"1B..." you said to yourself once coming across the classroom you were supposed to be in.

It was another big door with a large B instead of an A. You could hear chattering inside, mostly calm with some loud voices. Taking a slow, deep breathe, you slid the door open, quieting the room a bit. Seeing as you weren't the teacher, everyone went back to chatting with some eyes lingering on your intimidating form.

A girl with orange hair got up from her chair and walked towards you with a friendly smile that held no malicious intent and waved her hand a bit.

"Hi there! My name is Kendo Itsuba, nice to meet you!" The girl said with a respectful bow.

You gripped your bag tightly for some unknown reason and forced your name out because you had manners.

"I couldn't help but notice that you looked a bit nervous and want to help you settle in, you know, since you're new and all?" She tilted her head as if to see if you could understand what she meant.

"We're all new here, are we not?" You asked in a more rhetorical way.

She blinked at you in surprise, trying to process your bluntness.

"Ah, well, I mean everyone else is well acquainted with each other and you just seem-"
"Lonely? I'm sorry, but I'm not here because I felt lonely, I'm here because I'm going to become a hero. You can keep your friendship to yourself." You stated bluntly and walked over to an empty seat in the back.

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