7: Daddy bento

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"(L/n)-san, before you head off to lunch, I need to see you for a moment." Sekijiro said.

He could briefly see a bit of a scowl you failed to hide before forcing your frown away. From the first week he got to know you from simply teaching the class, he learned that you were terrible at hiding your true feelings, though sometimes it seemed like you weren't even trying.

He could tell you had a temper, he even seen you getting rough with the other students, especially that silver haired kid, Tetsutetsu. You weren't directly going after them, in fact, you never really started things. And to make it worse, Tetsutetsu was coming back to you, losing a bit of his temper himself.

Unlike him, however, you were more of a ticking time bomb.

You didn't go off out of nowhere, and your motives weren't very predictable. You waited for the person to finish (usually) before striking. You always had a blank but annoyed expression when hurting the ones that mildly inconvenienced you on purpose. And today was worse.

"Yes?" You said in a rather rude tone, earning a raised eyebrow from the teacher.

"...sir." You corrected.

"I wanted to address your behavior." The man said simply before pointing to the chair next to his desk.

You rolled your eyes and reluctantly sat down.

"Before you start, Sekijiro-sensei, I just want to note that they started it first." You said.

Seikijiro sighed and began rubbing his temples.

"Yes. That is true. But that shouldn't warrant your behavior, (L/n)-san. You need to have better control of yourself, or your actions may lead to dire consequences in the future." He said in a stern tone.

You looked to the ground, a deep frown evident on your face.

"(L/n)-san... you have a lot of potential. Your physical abilities are outstanding, you take things very seriously in every single test I have given you, and you've only been here for a few weeks. I want to help you become one of the greatest heroes of our time, but I need you to work with me here." He said, this time in a softer tone.

"...ok." You said.

He leaned back in his chair with a long exhale before continuing.

"If your behavior continues, I will have to have you do counseling, understood?"
"Yes sir." You said and got up, ready to leave the classroom before the man stopped you.

"Oh, before you go, you'll have to do some tutoring as well."

This caught you off guard, to say the least. Before you could ask him what he meant, he spoke once more.

"Although you are passing, you are barely. Out of everyone here, you have the lowest grades, specifically in math. The other subjects have acceptable grades, but I know you can do better." He said.

"Meet me after school in class, we'll discuss more."

And with that, he dismissed you, finally letting you leave the classroom. You opened the door, wanting nothing more than to eat after losing your egg sandwich that morning before walking head first into somebody's chest.

At first, you thought it was a tall woman, seeing that your face was met with big tits, until you backed away to find two blonde hairs sticking up like rabbit ears.

"All Might." You said.

The man flashed you a surprised look, smile crooked and nervous.

"Oh, hello there! I'm just passing by, wanted to talk to your teacher!"

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