5: foreign exchange student and the blue footed booby

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"Stop calling me a fucking tsundere."

The group in front of you chuckled at your response, earning a threatening glare from you. Monoma gave you an innocent smile while putting his hands behind his back and cocking his head to the side, making you want to punch his lights out.

"Why? If it's not true, then you shouldn't have to defend yourself unless..." a mischievous smirk formed on the sadistic blonde's face.

"...you're secretly all soft on the inside."

"I'm about to make you all soft on the inside." You threatened with gritted teeth.

Before the blonde could respond, a hand chopped him on the back of his neck, making him collapse. The culprit, Kendo, smiled apologetically to you, bowing her head before picking up Monoma by the back of the shirt.

Despite the blonde getting his just-desserts, your irritation refused to leave. Seeing that you had enough time before class began, you got up from your seat to head to the bathroom, wanting nothing more than to splash your face.

It took 5 minutes to get most of your negative emotions down before deciding to leave the restroom.

On your way out, you nearly bumped into someone way shorter than you, nearly getting stabbed in the eye by one of their horns.

"Ah! Sorry! I mean- sorry!" The girl switched from English to heavily accented Japanese.

The said girl looked a bit troubled and frightened, shaking like a newborn fawn. You forced yourself to become patient at the clearly nervous girl and responded to her.

"Are you okay?"
"Oh! Yes, I'm trying to look for class 1B." The girl said shyly.

You never seen this girl before, and judging by her mannerisms, look, and language, she was not from Japan.

"Are you perhaps a foreign exchange student?" You asked.

"Is it that obvious?" The girl sighed in disappointment.

"Yes." You admitted bluntly. You then turned your body to the side, still looking at the horned girl.

"I'm in class 1B, follow me." You said and walked toward the class without looking back.

The girl gasped excitedly from behind you and followed you. You could almost hear her skipping behind you.

'Cute...' you thought to yourself. You wouldn't say pointless things like that out loud unless she asked you. What? You were an honest person to people.

You finally arrived to your class, and after hearing a deep, gravelly voice speak behind the door, you knew you would be in trouble. Alas, you opened the door, ready to get scolded by the large man that was your teacher.

"(L/n)-san, you're late." Sekijiro said in a slightly disappointed way.

The girl behind you peeked her head from behind you, hiding herself from the intimidating man. The man spotted the girl and a look of realization appeared on his face.

"Oh, we're you escorting the new foreign exchange student?" He asked.

You shrugged without a care in the world.

"Yeah, she looked lost." You said simply.

"Alright, well, I commend you for that. I'll excuse you, but next time I won't be so lenient." He said before turning to the shy girl.

"Hello there, I am Sekijiro Kan, and I will be your teacher." He said.

The girl didn't seem to understand most of what he said, looking to try and rack her brain for any connections of words to their meanings. You took in her silence before deciding to say something to her.

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