2: Exams are a b!tch.

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⚠️Warning⚠️  we got some nasty words and some deku hating. And blood and violence.

What do you expect? Your quirk is literally blood based.


Exam day.

What is there to add to that?

Today is the day you prove to everyone that you're meant to be in the hero course. Not just the examiners, the UA teachers, or even the potential UA students, but everyone.

The nurses at the hospital wished you luck, even some of the regular patients there.

You were ready physically and mentally... for the physical exam. The written part... Eh, you figured that you would do well enough to pass. You ain't the sharpest tool in the shed... but not the dullest either.

You nearly fell from the weight bumping into your back and growled out a curse, turning around to tell the person off.

Green eyes locked with your irritated ones and you felt rage pump through your veins.

"...You." You spat gutturally in disgust, almost growling the word out.

The greenette immediately sweated bullets and squeaked our sorry excuses.

"I'm so sorry, I thought I could catch him on time!" A brown haired girl squealed nervously, blushing brightly when her eyes trailed down your bare arms.

Unlike everybody else, you wore a skin-tight, short sleeved shirt that hugged your figure quite nicely, showing off your nice (s/c) skin and powerful looking muscles while not looking too muscular. Everyone else wore something warm in the cold weather, but you didn't look all that bothered.

You let out a huff at her and looked back down at the short boy, wanting nothing more than to curb stomp the brat.

Luckily for him, you had no interest in losing the chance to get into UA and you simply turned away without a word, leaving two scared and bewildered teens.

Man, you were just finding more people to want to murder in cold blood.

You hated the green brat, but this four-eyes moron was wasting your fucking time. You began tapping your heel against the floor, creating soft thumping sounds. The blonde next to you turned to you with an annoyed look, earning a dirty look from you. You were about to ask, no, demand him to speak the fuck up when you were interrupted.

"-and you! The tall one with the nasty glare and is making all that thumping ruckus! You are interrupting the rest of us, if you aren't going to take this exam seriously, you might as well le-"
"oh my nonexistent god, do you ever SHUT THE FUCK UP!?"

The whole room fell silent before you continued.

"First of all, the man was going to fucking explain the 0 pointer, asshole, there's no way U-fucking-A would make a dumb fucking error. Second of all, you are wasting people's time. I was getting annoyed by that shit stain kid over there, but you're just pissing me off. I was tapping my foot to keep myself from rushing over there AND CAVING YOUR FUCKING FACE IN."

You could almost feel the regret in you bubble after people continued to stare at you wide eyed in silence. Almost.

Luckily, the said man cleared his throat and forced a smile on his face.

"Wellll, seems like everyone is nervous! Tensions are high, and we just want to get through today, Yo!" The hyper man answered the still stunned, muscular geek anyways with an explanation on the robot and then began informing you all about the rules.

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