8: training turns south...

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Training wasn't hard for you, all you had to do was figure out what needed to be improved and then improve it.

It was working with others that wasn't easy (and reading boring textbooks).

More specifically, it was hard dealing with the silver haired prick, Tetsutetsu. One one hand, he does try to work with you, but on the other, his temper makes him flip flop between being tolerable to being a nuisance.

Unfortunately, you didn't really have a choice.

You knew Sekijiro-sensei was forcing you and the guy to train with one another in a training exercise outside on the field. Although the man didn't say it outright, you knew he was trying to get you to open up and... bond? With the guy.

"Hit me with your best shot!!!!" Tetsutetsu yelled.

You scowled at the teen and charged him while he charged you back. He wasn't hard to move around and punch, it was just the fact that his stupid quirk kept him from bleeding.

He quirk turned him into a living metal statue, taking in your blows better than he would without his quirk.

He was the only one in the class that could land some good hits on you and stay standing long enough. He had a higher percentage of being able to take you down.

How did he know this?

Well, he had you bruised up and panting, sometimes collapsing to one knee.

However, the longer the two of you fought, the weaker his metal got... and the stronger you got.

You thought you were pushing your limits when training by yourself, but this reached a whole other level. Due to Tetsutetsu being a challenge, you were breaking new limits you didn't know were there.

Now, you were discovering something new about yourself, and that was how long you could go against an opponent...

And how more aggressive you get.

As time passed, you grew more and more angry and unpredictable. Your movements became more rapid and you started losing your rhythm.

Tetsutetsu was growing fatigue due to using his quirk for far to long and soon found himself becoming less immune to your punches. Your blood was covering most of the ground and you. Your sweat glands practically squirting out blood.

By now, everyone stopped what they were doing and watched in morbid curiosity and awe at the display.

You were reaching a new height.

A new level.

And unfortunately, like a fledgling flying for the first time, you were losing control.

You uppercut the silver haired teen, sending him in the air a couple feet before he collapsed on the ground. He was no longer moving, clearly unconscious and his quirk deactivated, leaving bruised, pale skin behind.

He was no longer the threat, in your eyes.

But everything else was.

"That was amazing!" Pony exclaimed with a clap of her hands.

Her voice and the sudden clapping sound made you snap your head in her general direction.

Your teeth were bloody and bared and you slowly began approaching her and the brown haired kid next to her. She didn't even realize the danger she was in as well as a few others, though some could see what was about to happen.

When you were within 10 feet of her, you launched yourself towards the girl with a bellowing war cry. Luckily for the foreigner, a large body made its way in front of her and took the blow to the gut.

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