9: old advice

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You walked down the hallway of your middle school, eyes staring you down in fear and disgust.

Some jeers were sent your way, but nobody dared to go near you.

Unlike the brainwashing kid a group of kids bullied, you didn't use words. The last time someone started something with you, you ended it faster.

"Oi, duck tape his mouth!"

You paused near the entrance of a classroom. It wasn't yours, and you didn't know why you stopped, but you did anyway.

"Can't use your evil quirk if you can't ask questions, can you, villain???" A voice behind the door taunted.

"Hold him down." Another voice said.

This wasn't your problem. Whatever they were going to do to this mysterious kid, it wasn't your business.

"Huh? Who's there?"

You stood inside the classroom, staring blankly into the widened eyes of some middle school boys. One of them had the target pinned to a desk, hold down his hand and holding a pen.

"Fuck, it's that All Might wannabe!" One of the goons exclaimed and released the lavender haired teen.

"Oh? Does the evil All Might doppelgänger want to save this freak?" The leader of the group forced the head of the teen down by gripping his lavender hair.

The boy beneath him grunted in pain, nose bleeding and mouth covered by tape. His eyes were puffy from the bruises and from the tears in his eyes.

A truly pathetic sight to behold.

"Tokoro-kun, don't provoke them, they're crazy as hell." The sensible one of the group grabbed the leader's shoulder.

"We have our quirks, don't we? We can just-"

Something yellow and sharp stabbed him in the arm, earning a yelp of surprise from the kid. Before he could scream some more, a hand shot out and gripped his cheeks, covering his mouth.

You got between his legs and forced his back onto the desk behind him. You gripped the pencil lodged into his shoulder and twisted it deeper and deeper.

By now, the whites of your eyes were a deep shade of red, leaving your (e/c) irises untouched by the crimson.

"Challenge me again, and it will be your eye." You said before pulling the pencil out of the boy, who laid back on the table in shock.

You gave the boys enough space to leave, one of them grabbing their injured friend and left. You turned to the lavender haired kid only to find him sitting on the floor with his knees.

He barely struggled as you pulled him up and ripped the tape off of the boy. Since his nose was filled with blood, he breathed through his mouth, spitting out bloody mucus.

"You're an idiot for staying behind." You stated after recognizing the teen as Hitoshi, the brainwash kid.

He sat in the chair weakly, wiping his bloody nose and staring forward through bruised eye lids.

"...I didn't ask for this..." he muttered under his breathe.

"Okay? And you not asking for it is going to stop it? You need to stop mopping around and adapt."

"It's not that simple-"

"It is. Finding the solution is easier when you not sitting on your ass and letting this happen. I see you make the same mistake every damn day. Today, those assholes beat you to a pulp because they got you alone. You don't even try." You scowled at the teen.

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