15: Blood God

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Sekijiro quickly rushed towards Recovery Girl's recovery room with adrenaline rushing through his veins.

He never seen you like that. Never had he seen you go berserk on someone so harshly. Then again, it was most definitely because nobody was down there to hold you back, to remind you to redirect your fury to a villain.

But you weren't fighting a villain. You were fighting another student.

He burst through the door, expecting to see you, Todoroki and Recovery girl. Instead of just  you three, there was two other people.

All Might and Endeavour.

"Sekijiro-san! What are you doing here?" All might asked.

"I came to see my student." Was all Sekijiro said.

Endeavour scowled at All Might, not even sparing Sekijiro a glance. He walked past the two men and stood next to your bed.

Most of the blood was cleaned off, but you were still covered in hints of crimson. Looking over to Todoroki, he was looking a lot better.

Recovery Girl walked between yours and Todoroki's beds and scanned you both, nodding at Todoroki's body. She turned to Endeavour and spoke in a friendly but not condescending tone.

"Your son is completely fine now, his wounds are all closed up."

"Hm." Endeavour grunted in relief.

"He did have a major concussion-"

Endeavour visibly tensed at this as well as All Might and Sekijiro.

"-but that has been fixed with the help of a donor's blood." The older woman waved off with a smile.

"A... donor?" Sekijiro muttered in surprise.

"(Y/n)..." All Might said, catching both Sekijiro's and Endeavour's attention.

"Yes... (L/n)-san here has special blood. Not only do their body reproduce blood at a fast rate, but it has regenerative properties within it." Recovery Girl explained.

Endeavour looked past the woman at your sleeping form.

Only hints of bruises and a large burn scar on your right arm, in fact, it covered your arm all the way to your shoulder. No doubt it was Recovery Girl's doing... but could it also be yours?

"Looks like he's awake! Hello there, young man!"

Endeavour snapped his head towards his own son, who was sitting up.

It was almost as though he wasn't hurt at all.

Once Shoto locked eyes with his father, he glared at the man and turned from him.

"You are looking a lot better young Todoroki!" All Might said proudly.

"Perhaps they will find themself awake soon?" Sekijiro said, referring to you, who was laying in bed.

"I'm not so sure... their blood doesn't work as well on them as it does on others." Recovery girl said.

This surprised the men a bit.

"Aizawa-san's facial fracture was completely healed due to (L/n)-san's blood. However,(L/n)-san's Blood doesn't really work that well on themselves, if at all. It's as though they're immune to the regeneration the blood provides." Recovery Girl explained.

The elderly woman walked over to you and slowly pulled the blanket over you, leaving your arms uncovered.

"I'm afraid they'll have to miss the ceremony today." She said.

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