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"Hi sweetie, welcome ba-"

A bowl filled with a gooey substance smashed onto the floor followed by a horrified shriek. Near the doorway of the kitchen was a 4 year old covered head to toe in blood, which left a large puddle beneath them.

Their mother nearly tripped as she rushed towards her child and picked them up. She didn't mind the blood seeping through her clothes and snatched the keys by the door before heading towards the car, leaving the front door wide open.

~~~~time skip~~~~

You could feel the adrenaline and blood still pulsing through your body and out your pores like a raging river. You were in shock, and adding the fact that you were high on adrenaline just made you all the more dazed.

When you first arrived at the ER, the staff immediately rushed you to a room, shock written across their faces. The blood spurted from your eyes, nose and mouth but you were still breathing, and the doctors were dumbfounded on what the hell was going on.

You soon started sweating blood, essentially turning your entire body crimson. For 30 minutes, you bled enough blood for a 5 people to fill their bodies, and yet you sat on the bed, unfazed and feeling so, so alive.

It didn't take long for one doctor to come to a conclusion.

"Your child's quirk has developed, mrs. (L/n)."

Your mother was bewildered. Many whys, what's, and buts entered her head but she couldn't form a question.

"Despite losing so much blood, they seem to create more than what they had before, and their heart has pumped at such a fast rate, that they should have at least passed out." The nurse explained before a doctor next to her spoke up.

"Your child is fine now, their adrenaline rush stopped as well as the blood, but we were wanting to-"

The rest of it was unimportant gibberish to you. You were hungry and really thirsty... and really, really tired.

For some odd reason, you enjoyed that... 'adrenaline rush' as the doctors seem to put it. It was unlike anything you had felt before. Yeah, the sticky, wet blood didn't feel comfortable, but you loved the feeling nonetheless.

But you were tired now. Your blood levels were normal again, but you felt as though you exercised a lot, and it really got you cranky.

Once finished, you mother picked you up, disturbed by the revelation of your quirk, and left.

That night, you had the longest shower and bath of your life.

And it wouldn't be the last.

Ever since then, your life slowly morphed into something you didn't desire. You were normal up until then.

At first, your classmates were excited to see your quirk, congratulating you and begging to see your new power.

Let's just say it didn't go well with the kids, especially when you learned something new about your quirk.

Enhanced strength.

Now you were seen as an undesirable.

With your gorey quirk and your super strength and speed, you were seen as a future villain. Luckily for you, you weren't the only one in that school with a villainized quirk. There were other 'undesirables' including that one kid with a brainwashing quirk that had it worse than you.

While the quirkless kids and brainwash boy was bullied senselessly, you were avoided, feared even. Granted, your classmates would ridicule you for having an "evil knock-off" quirk, but nothing got physical, after all... you weren't called the All Might copy cat for nothing.

The first time you saw All Might in person, you hadn't expected to see the man talking to some kid in a black uniform. The boy seemed to be crying tears of joy in front of what was once your idol.

The person you once looked up to.

This plain looking boy wouldn't have caught your interest, not in a million years, and yet... something about him brought suspicion.

He seemed to know All Might more than a fan should, and you were going to get to the bottom of it.

So, you started following him.

Your actions may have been stalkerish, but you didn't care.

You were supposed to be preparing yourself for the exams, but here you were, burning holes into the back of his head as All Might instructed him to move the junk across the beach.

After weeks of following this boy and All Might, you figured out that the hero intended to pass his quirk onto the greenette.

You couldn't fathom the concept of your own hero passing his quirk, the very thing that made him All Might, onto some short little shrimp that looks like he hasn't worked a day in his entire life until resently.

This bright eyed, bushy-tailed son of a bitch (I'm sorry Inko) was being given the opportunity of a life time without any real struggles. He didn't even have a clue what becoming a hero would mean.

He's just gonna be a copy of All Might. A knock-off.

And All Might will be there to save his ass.

You didn't even hide yourself as you stomped off, fists clenched.

You could feel something hot, metallic, and salty fill your eyes and roll down your cheeks as you gritted your teeth.

It wasn't tears, you knew that.

You would never cry, never.

No, you were going to become better than the brainless prodigy of All Might's. You'll be better than anybody else. You'll be (L/n) (Y/n), the number 1 hero of Japan.

And you'll just have to work harder than ever before.

While you were seething, you either didn't notice or you didn't care about the pair of eyes that watched you.

"A-All Might, who was that? do you think they saw?"

But the skinny man didn't respond.

Somethings out you was... familiar.

He had seen you before, he had to.

There was no way had he hadn't met you before.

He felt blood and bile come up his throat and spat out the red substance onto the sand before resting a hand on young Midoriya's shoulder.

"Let's continue this later..."


Sorry for the rushed prologue. I guess you can say that I'm kinda impatient to get to the juicy, meaty parts!

The next page will just be updated information on your quirk and family. You'll learn more about your character and their personality and power later on in the story.

You'll learn more about yourself later in the story.

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