4: his burden...

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"I have a very interesting kid in my class, shows a lot of potential. They even got at the top of my quirk apprehension test."

Aizawa sipped his coffee and swallowed before responding.

"Someone is bound to get in 1st place, Sekijiro-san."
"Yes, but their performance was incredible!"

The teachers in the lounge were doing their own thing before classes would began on the second day.

"Oh? How good?" Aizawa asked, slightly intrigued.

Sekijiro wasn't one to gossip unlike a certain loud man who talked his ear off non-stop.

"I'd say they have the potential of being as strong as All Might."

Aizawa looked away from his coffee and stared at Sekijiro, who drank from his large water bottle.

"The thing is, they act very similar to Endeavour and acts kind of violent too when their quirk was activated."

"Tch, troublesome." Aizawa said.

The scruffy man was no fan of All Might, but he knew the man's strength was nothing to scoff at. However, what bothered him was the fact that this mystery kid had similarities to the fiery man, Endeavour. He didn't know the guy personally, but that man wasn't really the nicest person anyone could meet.

"Say... who is this kid you're talking about?"

Speak of one of the devils, and he shall appear. All Might was in his smaller form, wearing his silver age costume that looked baggy on him.

"Oh, their name is (L/n) (Y/n)." Sekijiro said.

"(L/n) (Y/n)? The kid with the blood quirk?" Toshinori asked, a look of recognition on his face.

"Yeah, you know them?" Sekijiro asked.

"Not really, see, Well- okay I know them somewhat, they-"

Aizawa cocked an eyebrow at this.

"-it's something to do with my identity, see. I believe they may have accidentally found out about my identity."

"...What makes you think they know?" Aizawa asked genuinely, feeling a pit form in his stomach.

"Well... I kinda just, you know..." All Might tried to think up an excuse.

He knew you knew about Deku and his interactions, and quite possibly had put two and two together. You knew what he looked like in his civilian form, but hopefully not his real name.

"I timed out in a hidden area and young (L/n) just so happened to pass by and saw me..." he muttered shamefully.

It was partially true, though the beach wasn't exactly hidden. Aizawa huffed in disbelief and muttered something under his breathe while Sekijiro looked between the two in concern. The broad blood quirk man then decided to leave the two in favor of preparing for class.

"You got caught by a student? Are you sure they haven't gone and told people???" Aizawa asked in a condescending tone, earning a deep frown from All Might.

"They hadn't told anyone, in fact, they don't really have any interest in mentioning it at all."

"Oh really? Did they tell you that?"


Aizawa slouched over and gripped the bridge of his nose.

"Had it ever occur to you to try and talk to them? They saw you shift into your normal form and you could have tried talking to them, but instead you just... let them walk away..." Aizawa couldn't process the sheer stupidity.

"Trust me, they won't say anything." Toshinori promised the scruffy man.

"How are you so sure they won't?" Aizawa glared up at the blonde.

"...personal reasons..." Toshinori said.

Aizawa raised an eyebrow at this but decided not to say anything. While the tall blonde man seemed brain dead in certain situations, he did have something up his sleeve at times.

All he needs to worry about is the battle trial for his mostly irresponsible class...

Class 1B was supposed to have their battle trial after class 1A's if All Might recalled.

After that tense trial that left Izuku with injuries and a scolding from Recovery girl, All might visited class 1B during a match.

The class was pleasantly surprised to see All Might visiting and became encouraged to do their best in their battle trial. The only one that didn't bother to look in his general direction was you.

From what he observed while trying to focus on the class was that you weren't wearing a costume like everyone else, just your UA track suit. You seemed to keep to yourself while everyone else conversed, which saddened the man deeply.

Once your match came up, you teamed up with a kid by the name of Hiryu Rin.

Surprisingly, the two of you worked together well despite your apparent aversion to interacting with others. The kid was the defense while you were the offense and managed to beat the team of 3 'villains' consisting of a vantablack kid (Kurorio), a beast kid (Shishida), and a mutant bug boy (Kamakiri).

On the right side of All Might, a girl by the name of Kendo commented on how amazing you were, earning the agreements of others.

All Might almost smiled sadly to himself as he watched your blood form standing close to the fake bomb while the kids on screen congratulated each other and you while you blankly stared toward a wall lost in thought.

All these years of watching you grow and deal with things all on your own put a heavy weight on the number 1 hero's heart. Being unable to take care of and support you hurt him more than him getting gutted.

He wish he could have been there to love and nurture you, his own flesh and blood.

But for your own sake, he couldn't.

All he can do now, is watch you grow in to a fine adult and hopefully open up to the people around you.


All Might better have paid his child support.

Okay, but in all seriousness, this book is gonna have a lot of father and child themes in this. I'm also gonna try to do slow burn romance with the class 1A and 1B, so they can actually form a friendship with everybody before the get the guys and gals.

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