11: redirection

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Mc: *hates Deku's guts*

Readers: "that's not very cash money of you*

All Might *reveals to be their biological father while acting as a father figure towards Midoriya but doesn't tell Mc the truth*

Readers: "I never liked those bastards anyways✌️"

So anyways, this chap is pretty short... buuuut you get bonding time with blood daddy


You growled in response, wanting nothing more than to tear your teacher's arms off.

"Control." Sekijiro repeated.

You took a step closer, seeing nothing but a threat and a target.

"(L/n). Control." Sekijiro stood his ground, feeling a slight wave of disappointment due to you obviously losing against your quirk and instinct but still held hope.

You were fighting against it. That meant you had potential to take complete control over your power.

You punched the side of a metal bar in anger, causing all of the monkey bars to collapse.


You suddenly shot forward and tackled Sekijiro, who stood firm and held onto you tightly as you struggled in his grip.

Your teeth were found sinking into his bicep, causing the man to groan.

"Damn it... c'mon (L/n)!" He hissed before you grew limp in his arms.

"You're going about this wrong, Sekijiro."

The man laid you gently onto the ground and turned to glare at Aizawa.

"Oh? You think I don't know that?" Sekijiro snapped before exhaling.

"Sorry, I lost a bit of my temper."

The large man rubbed his forehead and instantly regretted it as he got his hands coated in your blood.

"The problem is, is that you're telling them to force their anger down. This isn't like your own anger issues, this is a quirk that makes its user high on adrenaline and raw anger." Aizawa said while approaching the two.

"This is something rooted within their quirk and blood. Trying to tell them to control their anger is like trying to force a raging river to flow the opposite way."

Sekijiro continued to stare down at your exhausted face as he processed this.

How could he be so stupid? Of course this wasn't just something simple like the typical anger issues.

He sighed and proceeded to pick you up by the ankles and held you upside down.

Aizawa furrowed his eyebrows, wondering what his major malfunction was before blood left your mouth like a waterfall. Sekijiro could see the bewilderment on Aizawa's face and almost laughed.

"Their lungs get filled with blood when they use their quirk for too long. It's normal for them." He said with a reassuring smile.

Aizawa's face shifted to a disturbed look.

"This kid..." he muttered before sighing.

"Take them to recovery girl, and figure out a way for them to train without involving me using my quirk." Aizawa said and walked back inside.

Sekijiro picked you up correctly and walked towards the building with a thoughtful look on his face.

"Something else, Huh... this is gonna be complicated..." he muttered to himself.

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