6: Early release

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Today was the day class 1A would head off to the USJ. Not class 1B.

You could feel envy crawling up your spine as you saw that Midoriya brat in a ridiculous looking costume waiting with some other unimportant kids for the buses to arrive.

As if he could feel your eyes, the boy turned to look at you before flinching in surprise and looking away.

"Heh? They get to go?" A voice beside you spoke.

You didn't have to turn to know that it was Monoma, the class sadist. You let out a 'tch' and turned from class 1A and stared at the entrance of the Highschool.

"We don't go until next week. A waste of our time if you ask me." You said.

"Something we can both agree on." Monoma said.

"It seems as though class 1A is getting more attention for some good heroes, like All Might. It's crazy! We only got a visit, but he's been around class 1A the most! What is it that they have that we don't?" He asked mostly himself.

For once he wasn't sadistically joyful, he was bothered. Almost as though he has some sort of anxiety.

'So he's not a complete psychopath.' You thought.

"A favorite." You answered his rhetorical question.

That favorite being the shrimp the teachers pitied enough to let in the school.

Midoriya Izuku.

Monoma turned his head and raised an eyebrow to you.

"Oh? Who would that be?" He asked, mildly interested.

"One of those kids have to be something promising to him. Or maybe a lot of them. Maybe it's their quirks or their lack of personality. Whatever it is, it's got him invested in this school, and it ain't any of us." You said.

"So... you think he visited us during the battle trials because he wanted to see what we had?" Monoma said before his eyes widened.

"But... after the trials, he just didn't pay us much attention... (L/n), as much as I hate to admit this, you are the best out of all of us in terms of strength and speed. Was that not enough for him?" Monoma's fist clenched at this.

You said nothing, instead closing your eyes and exhaling slowly.

"Hm. There's nothing we can do but do better than them. While they have it easier with All Might giving them his attention and teaching them, we have to figure it out on our own. Think of this as earning something through hard work instead of being given things on a silver platter." You said.

The blonde turned away from the class, still bothered by the fact that 1A was getting more than him and his class despite working hard on the first few days.

For once, you were both on the same page.

Entering the classroom, you both sat in your respective spots. Immediately, the foreign exchange student, pony, waved at you enthusiastically.

You glanced at her, hesitating, before nodding your head in acknowledgment.

Apparently, you came in on time, as Sekijiro came in a minute after you and Monoma. The man placed a stack of paper down and began telling the class about a pop quiz they were about to do, earning groans from the class.

"Hey, (L/n)-san!" Somebody whispered next to you.

You and a few students were done with the quiz, and your teacher wasn't in the room at the moment. You turned your head slightly to stare at the silver-haired guy next to you.

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