Chapter 20

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Austin’s Point of View

I climbed up and just sat there sobbing

I caused this. Now, she doesn’t remember anyone.

Well, except for Alex. But why did she remember Alex and not the rest of us?

I kept sobbing and remembering the memories we made in this tree house

Flashback *2 years ago*

Me and Becky were 14

I was up here singing and practicing playing the guitar

Until I heard someone coming up

I stopped until I saw that it was Becky

“Becky! What are you doing here?” I asked surprise

“I was walking back from the mall when I heard you singing up here” She said smiling

I loved her smile

It always gave me butterflies

And I don’t know why

She came and sat next to me

“Keep singing. I like hearing you sing.” She said

I smiled at her and started singing ‘I’ll Be’ by Edwin McCain

I sang it to her

I don’t know why but that just felt like the right song to sing to her

I saw her blushing the whole time I was singing

I thought it was cute

By the time it I was finished, she was amazed

“Austin! You have an amazing voice!” She yelled

I blushed a little. I always did when she compliments me. And I don’t know why though

“Thanks. I was singing it to you”

“I know” She told smirking and kissed me in the cheek

We always did that

“I love you Austin.”

“I love you too Becky”

I meant in a sisterly way

But when she said it to me, I felt like we had a connection

I ignored it

We hugged

I’m so glad I have a best friend like Becky

End of flashback

I smiled throughout the whole memory

I can’t believe I made this happen to her

My best friend

After all she’s done for me, I did this to her

Made her lost her memory

I thought of Becky’s smile and it always gave me butterflies and made me smile

It still does, even up to today

But I’m always wondering why

I just sat there crying for hours and thinking of every memory I had with Becky

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