Chapter 13

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Mickey's Point of View

I was crying histerically on Robert's chest

"Do you think we should tell him about Becky?" Alex asked

Should we?

I was about to answer until a doctor came out.

"Rebecca Springs?"

We bolted up

"What's wrong with her?!" Robert yelled


He looked at us with sorrow

This isn't good...

My heartbeat rose and my blood flow went fast

"Well, Rebecca is in a coma. We don't know how long she's going to be in it. It could be days, months, even years. She's lost a lot of blood and hit her head pretty hard to the ground. There's no garantee that she'll remember any one you. I'm sorry. But you can visit now. " 

He gave us one more look and left us.

My best friend.... is in a coma. And may not remember who we are.....

I started crying more.

I can't believe she's in a coma!

Yes. He needs to know what he did.

Austin is the reason she's in here.

I slowly got up and went to Becky

She looks so pail. 

I wouldn't recognize her

I gasped

Tears came down my face

One tear dropped on her hand

I wiped it and her hands we so cold

I wonder what she's thinking about.

"A-Alex" I called

Looking at Alex, to see him holding Sarah in his arms, crying

"Yes Mickey?"

"Remember when you asked to tell Austin? Yes. I think we should tell him. He deserves to know what he did to Becky. Make him look what he did to her.

We use to be the bestest friends. 

I've never been so angry in my life

He did this to my best friend

And to make it worst, they've been best friends since they were born

Austin falls for a girl too easily. And we all know Taylor isnt good for him.

And we all know that Becky and Austin are perfect for eachother.

I started talking to her

"Becky. I hope you can hear me. Just remember that we'll always be here for you."

I tried to hold back the tears, but i couldn't

Robert noticed and grabbed me

I started crying and he took me out of the room.

Austin Carter Mahone. This is all your fault.

End of POV

Alex's Point of View

Sarah started crying on my chest

This is the worst news I've heard in my life

Becky is in a coma.

Mickey said we should tell him.

I got out my phone.

"W-what are you doing?" Sarah asked calming down

"Im calling Austin. To tell him what he did"

She nodded and kept quiet.

I dialled his number.

After 2 rings, I heard a noise

But not a voice.


I was very confused at what was happening until i heard something I wish I never did

"Ohh Austin! Faster!"

Taylor screamed

I now realize what's happening.

I can't believe Austin lost his virginity THE BITCH!

My anger towards Austin has never been more angry.

Hatred grew.

When Becky finds out, she will be devastated!

He really changed.

I dropped my phone and froze

People kept calling my name but I just ignored.

I finally spoke.

"Uhh...remember when we all promised to not have sex until marriage?"

They all nodded

"Austin broke his promise..."

I heard gasps.

"Listen to my phone" I told

Robert picked up my phone

"Oh my god...." was all he said

Tears started coming out

I guess he's to busy fucking Taylor than to care about his Best Friend....

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