Chapter 6

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Mickey's Point Of View 

I was leaving Becky's house and I didnt wanna go home. My parents are always fighting.

Im scared that they might get a divorce and Ill have to move away from the crew

So i decided to go to starbucks

I ordered my usual and sat down in a little corner 

I was thinking of Robert. I love him.

We've been best friends since 1st grade when I let him borrow my crayons.

Ive been sitting there, just thinking...for about an hour. I can think about Robert all day.

Thats when I saw a slutty girl come in

I gagged at what she was wearing.

Thats when I realized that shes Taylor.

I thought she was with Austin.

She was going to a table and what I saw, broke my heart. 

She went and kissed another guy at the table. No, That guy wasn't Austin

But worst part is, the guy she kissed.....was Robert....

I dropped my drink and ran out crying without anyone noticing

I ran all the way to Becky's house. She's the only one that knows about me being in love with Robert

I've never felt so broken.

End of Point Of View

I was lying on my bed when all of a sudden, my room door burst open and I saw Mickey in tears.

I shot out of  bed

I ran to Mickey and gave her a hug.

I was in complete shock. 

I pulled back and brought her to my bed

"Mickey!! What happen?!?!"

She couldnt talk. She was crying too hard

All i did was hug her and made her cry on my shoulder until she's ready to tell me


About 30 minutes of crying, she finally calmed down

Tears escaped my eyes when i saw her crying.

"Mickey. Who. The Fuck. Did. This. What happen?" I said so concerned and serious

She took in a really deep breath

"It..It involves Robert...and Taylor...."

I gasp. I knew how much Mickey loves Robert

"Tell me what happen NOW!"

She started

"After I left you so that you and Austin can hang out, I went to starbuck and after an hour of being there, I saw Taylor walk in....." 

She trailed off.

I saw a tear escape her eye but she quickly wiped it

I gave her another hug

"She went to a table and...I saw her kiss a guy. That guy wasn't Austin....He was Robert..."

I gasp loudly and Mickey started crying again

Robert...Austin's best friend...Betrayed him.

And Mickey is in love with Robert. That fucking bastard!

And I knew Taylor would cheat on Austin. 

I got up and grabbed my cell.

I texted the crew. But not Austin. We're going to tell him after Robert explains himself


I texted and sent it.

I mediately got replies saying that they're coming.

I went to Mickey and gave her another hug

"Its alright Mickey. Im sure Robert didnt mean it." I said

"Yes he did! He kissed back!"

Now, Im beyond pissed. I thought he hated Taylor just as much as we do

He better have a good reason why he did this.

Thats when I heard my name calling from downstairs.

They're here.

"Stay here." I told Mickey.

She nodded and went downstairs

I was trying to hold in my anger

Once i went down, i saw Robert.

I was looking at him like i wanted to kill him

The whole crew noticed.

"BECKY! WHAT HAPPEN?!" Alex shouted

"My Room. NOW!" I yelled and they all ran upstairs.

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