Chapter 21

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Becky's Point of View

Sarah dropped me at my house

I pretended to look as if I have no idea where I am

And made it look like i didn't want to go out

"Where am I?” I asked as if I didn't know

“This is your house” Alex replied

I fake smiled at him and got down

“Who do I stay with?” I asked trying not to cry

I already know that my parents aren't here

I have to make my 'memory loss' look convincing

He frowned

“You stay by yourself. Your mom and dad… lets just say they weren’t good parents”

It hurts but I held in the pain

Alex unlocked the door and we went in

He lead me to my room

I didnt want to go up

I remembered that I completely destroyed my room and everything inside

We walked in and I was in complete shock.

My room is clean!

I have a new bed, a new Mac and laptop, and new things!

But I quickly hid my expression

I looked at the corner of my eye and Alex looked confused to me

I walked over to my closet and saw that I have new sets of clothes

The only people that knows my style is Sarah, Mickey, and my mom.

My mom probably bought all these because I know Sarah and Mickey were at the hospital

Going towards my new desk,I saw my new laptop and Mac

And lying there, I saw an iPhone.

I reached out and unlocked it

What I saw made me frown

It's a picture of me and Austin.

I remember that I broke my phone!

Ohh wait. I forgot. I kept an extra phone just in case I needed one

That picture hurt me.

That was a real smile. The time me and Austin were actually best friends

I set down my phone and saw that there's a picture of me and Austin when we were 15

Thinking of what he did, it still hurts

I know I should get over it but you dont know how it feels.

I think Alex was watching me the whole time because he asked this

“Becky. Do you remember Austin? Do you remember what he did to you?” He asked

I flinched

Ok so I'm not that good at acting. Never was.

I flinched when I'm hurt

I ignored is question and kept looking at the picture

“Becky. Do you remember when Austin said you were a jealous bitch?” He aske

I flinched again

“W-Who’s Austin?"

I stuttered.

I dont think i can say his name without breaking down

But I'm staying strong

“Becky. Did you really lose your memory?"

I paused


Alex knows me too well

But I'll keep up the act

“O-of course I d-did. I don’t remember a-any of you”

I stuttered too much.

Ohh no.

“Yeah.. be right back” He told me.

When he got out of my room, I hit myself in the head

"STUPID! YOU'RE SUCH A BAD LIAR!!!" I yelled at myself

I slapped myself in the head and remembered the picture.

Walking to my desk, I felt a tear fall out.

I miss him so much.

I'm still in love with him.

But I just can't handle the pain.

I know I did so much pain to everyone. 

But I'm just not ready.

I got the picture and started ripping it to pieces.

Ripping it into tiny little pieces.

I wish he felt this.

I feel tears coming out but I quickly wiped it and held them in.

I was still ripping them when I heard someone talk.

“Becky, What are you doing?” Alex asked

My eyes went wide and I turned around as if nothing happen

I hid the ripped pieces behind my back.

“Uhh.. nothing. What’s up?” I asked casually

But I'm really worried if he knows what Im doing

“..Well… Im going to meet Mickey at the park. Be back later"

I nodded

“Ohh and what do you have behind you?” He asked suspiciously

“N-Nothing” I stuttered 

I such a bad liar

He smiled for some reason and walked away

"BYEE BECKYY!" He yelled

"BYEE ALEX!!" I yelled back but quickly covered my mouth


I got on my bed and slapped my head again

I'm so stupid!!

I got out my phone and saw the screensaver again

Tears came out and I just kept letting them fall

I didnt bother to erase the picture

I cant keep running away from my problems.

I sobbed quietly thinking of Austin

Who knew love could hurt this much?

Alex's Point of View

I walked out of Becky's house and ran all the way to the park.

I finally got there and saw Mickey sitting under a tree near the lake

She saw me and motioned me towards her

I started walking to her out of breath

I sat down and we started talking

"Why did you call me here?" She asked moody.

She's REALLY upset

"Well because, I think Becky is hiding something from us."

I saw her roll her eyes

"Why would she hiding something from us? She lost her memory! She doesnt remember anything!!" Mickey yelled and started crying

I pulled her into a hug and we let go

"Because you know how she stutters when she lies and flinches when she's hurt?"

She nodded

"That's what she did when I asked her if she remembers anything."

Mickey looked confused

"What do you mean?" She asked

I took in a deep breath

"Sarah dropped us to her house and when we went up, She look surprise when she walked into her room. Cause remember how it was a mess before?"

She nodded

"And we went to her desk. Her mom left her, her extra phone and she frowned when she saw her screensaver. Its a picture of her and Austin. And when she saw a picture of her and Austin in her desk, she looked like she was about to cry."

I told Mickey who was listening carefully

I continued

"So i asked her if she remembers Austin and what he did. She flinched and ignored the question. I asked her again. I asked 'Do you remember when he called you a jealous bitch?' and she flinched again. And then she asked me who Austin was. But she stuttered his name. I asked her if she really lost her memory and she said 'of course i did. I dont remember any of you' but she stuttered the whole thing. And thats when I called you."

She was about to say something but then i continued

"And when we finished talking, I went back to her room and found her ripping the picture of her and Austin. And when I told her bye, she remembered my name." I finally finished out of breath

I looked at Mickey and she was in shock.

"Mickey? Hellooo? What do you think?"

"You dont mean...." She trailed off.

"Yes. I think her whole 'memory loss' is a fake." I told.

I looked at Mickey and saw her smiling.

"OH MY GOD! I KNEW IT!!! I JUST KNEW IT!!!!" She yelled and started jumping all around

I laughed and got up with her.

She hugged me tight and I hugged back.

I started smiling like an idiot

"But why did she pretend to loose her memory?" I asked

Mickey stopped screaming and looked at me.

She frowned

"If I know Becky, I know the only reason she would do this is because of Austin." She said so serious

I was confused.

"What? Why?"

She sighed and sat back down

"Becky is still in love with Austin. She doesnt want to get hurt by him again. She doesnt want the bring the memory of that night. Alex, Austin is the only person that she is in love with and will ever love. I understand why she’s doing this.”

I gasped. I just realized that now.

“So what do you think we should do?” I asked

I saw a sparkle in her eye

“Well first, we need to tell Sarah and Robert. I have an idea.”

I saw her smirking

I have a feeling this is going to be good

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