Chapter 7

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Mickey's Point Of View

I hugged my knees together and let the tears stream down my face.

Thats when the door burst open

The whole crew was there. Except for Austin.

"MICKEY!!! WHAT HAPPEN?!" Sarah, Alex, and Robert yelled at the same time.

I rolled my eyes at Robert.

Sarah and Alex came and hugged me but when Robert came, I shoved him away

"Mickey, what's wrong? Why are you crying? Why do you and Becky hate Robert so much?" Sarah asked really confused

I wiped away some of my tears.

"Becky, can you explain to them please?" I asked

I looked at her and she called them to the hallway

"I'll stay and comfort Mickey." Robert told.

I shook my head and hugged my knees tighter.

"No. Just get away from me Robert. I dont want to see you ever again." I said to him

I looked at him and i saw pain, hurt, anger, and confusion in his eyes.

I looked away

Alex and Sarah already left with Becky

"Mickey...What did I do?" He asked in a cracking voice.

I took a quick glanced at him and i thought I saw a tear roll down his cheek

I rest my head on my knee.

"Mickey," He started "Tell me what I did wrong. What did I do?"

"Just get away from me Robert. I hate you. How could you do this? Especially, to me..You hurt me so much..." I said trying not to yell

"Mickey. I dont know what I did wrong. How did I hurt you?"

He pulled me to his lap.

I tried to push away but hes too strong.

I just sat there with tears coming out

"Robert. What were you doing in starbuck today?" I asked in a disappointed voice

He looked at me confused

"What were you doing in starbucks today, Robert?" I asked again. But in a strict voice.

"How did you know I was in starbucks?"

I jumped off of him



I paused. 

"Thats not what hurt me..." I trailed off with tears.

I walked to a corner.

I just sat there and thats when I saw him walking towards me

I hugged my knees together.

"Im sorry for yelling, Mickey. Please tell me what hurt u."

I took in a deep breath

"Why were u kissing Taylor...and you know she has a boyfriend which so happens to be you're BEST FRIEND!" 

I yelled 'Best Friend'

His jaw dropped and his eyes widen

I shook my head and started sobbing

"H-How do you know?" He stuttered

"I was there. Robert, YOU ARE SUCH A BASTARD!!"

He pulled me into his lap again and gave me a tight hug

"You dont understand" He whispered.

I felt something drop in my head

I looked up and saw that it was Robert's tears

I wiped it away

"Mickey, You dont understand what happen. This wasnt meant to hurt you. This was all a plan. Me, Alex, and Sarah planned this because we saw Taylor making out with another guy in school and we wanted to show Austin how much of a cheater she is. We all know she isnt good for Austin and how he's changing."

I let out a loud gasp.

Taylor cheated on Austin.

"Did you tell him?" I asked

He shook his head

Now i feel like an idiot.

"Robert, Im sorry that i was so angry at you. I didnt know and-"

I was cut off

"No, its ok Mickey. You didnt know. But what I dont get is, why were you so hurt?"

I blushed hard and hid my face.

"Uhh ok Robert. Lets go downstairs to the rest." I said getting up and hiding my face

I heard him laugh and he pulled me 

"Ohhh no. Tell meeee! Why were you hurt?"

Now, Im as red as a tomato.

"Uhh...Gosh its hot in here!" I said changing the subject

"MICKEYYY! tell meee!" He whined

I was about to say something when i head Becky 


I heard her yell out the door.

My jaw drop when I heard she yelled that


I plopped in her bed and hid my face from embarrassment

"Its ok if you dont love me back" I said heartbroken

I saw his face and he looked really surprised but then, i saw him smirk

I was confused until his lips landed on mine

We pulled away

"Micky. I've been in love with you since the day I met you in 1st grade. I just never told you"

i squealed loudly

"Will you be mine?"

I kissed his lip"

"Of course I will"

End Point of View

Alex and Sarah told me everything.

They told me that they all planned this.

I understood

"But why didnt you tell me and Mickey?" I asked confused

"Because you were busy and we couldn't find Mickey" They said

I shrugged. I also told them how madly in love Mickey is with Robert

It just so happens that Robert is crazy in love with Mickey. Alex told me.

Thats when we decided to listen outside the door

"No, its ok Mickey. You didnt know. But what I dont get is, why were you so hurt?" Robert asked

I knew Mickey was blushing hard

"Uhh ok Robert. Lets go downstairs to the rest." She said changing the subject

I laughed silently at how embarrassed she's feeling

"Ohhh no. Tell meeee! Why were you hurt?"

"Uhh...Gosh its hot in here!" I said changing the subject

"MICKEYYY! tell meee!" He whined

Robert doesnt know and Mickey wasnt gonna tell him. So i decided I will 

"THATS BECAUSE SHE'S IN LOVE WITH YOU ROBERT!" I yelled from out the door.

Thats when I we ran away and to the couches.

We were laughing so hard!


That only made us laugh even harder

After a few moments of laughing, we saw them coming down hand in hand

"Sooo...." I trailed off pointing at their hands

"Yup! Were going out" Robert said proudly

I laughed and we all sat down

"Are we going to tell Austin? He deserves to know" Sarah stated

That was in my mind.

"I think we should" Mickey said

"I agree" 

"Me too" Alex and Robert said

I sighed

They all looked at me

"What's wrong Becky?" Alex asked

" you really think he's going to believe us?"

"If we're Austin's best friends, then he should believe us when we tell him." Mickey said

"Yeah but, he's in love. Austin is the kind of guy that when he falls in love, he falls hard."

"Austin's just going to have to believe us when we tell him. He would if we're really his best friends" Alex said

"Tell me what?"

We all turned around and saw Austin.

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