Chapter 5

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I shot out of my bed and ran to my dresser

I picked out a cute outfit

Putting on a little make up.

After waiting for 10 minutes, I heard the door bell rang from downstairs.

My heart beat rose as one step grew closer to Austin

I opened the door to see a smiling Austin behind it

“BECKYYY!!! I MISSED YOUU!!!!!” Austin yelled and tackled me with a hug

“I MISSED YOU TOO AUSTIN!!!!” I laughed and hugged back tight

We let go and he let himself in

“So, How are you and Taylor?” I asked

“We’re doing great! I think im in love with her more.”

I flinched when he said that.

I put on a fake smile

“Well, Im happy for you.” I lied

“Thanks. So, what do you wanna do?”

“Hmm…Mall? Movies? Park?” I suggested

“All the above. Lets go!”

He ran out and to my car. Yes, I drive.

He got in to the drivers seat.


“But I can drive!” He whined

“Yeah but you don’t have a drivers licens. Do you?”

He shook his head and did a puppy face.

Its so adorable!

“Pwease?” He begged in a baby tone

“Fine! You can drive. But I better not die going to the mall.”

I hopped in the passengers seat and we sped off.

While going there, we were catching up and Im having the time of my life.

Taylor’s Point Of View

I told Austin that I was leaving when we were at the mall.

I was going to see a special boy.

Im meeting him in star bucks.

I got in my car and drove there.

When I arrived, I saw him.

I smirked and walked in

“Hey Robert.” I said and kissed his lips.

He smirked and kissed back

End of POV

Me and Austin were having an amazing time.

“Yeah and remember the time when you got into a fight in school with Frank cause broke up with me and I cried?” I said bursting out laughing

“YES! I almost got suspended!! But it was all worth it. He broke your heart so I broke his face.” He said laughing with me

I calmed down

“Austin, I miss the times me, you, and the crew use to hangout..”

He looked down

“me too, Becky…”

All of a sudden, his phone rang

He answered.

“Hello?...Im with Becky….Because I wanna hang out with her! How is that a problem?!...FINE! Ill be over right now. Yeah…Ok…Love you too. Bye”

And he hung up looking frustrated and upset


“Yeah…”He said really upset

“Its ok Austin. You can go…”

He nodded.

We got up and I dropped him to Taylor’s house.

“Thanks for the amazing day, Austin. I really missed these days.” I said upset.

“Don’t worry Becky. Well do this more often. I promise. And with the crew.” He said with a smile

Im still hurt

He left me to see Taylor. But he………….he loves her….

That’s what made it really painful

I nodded trying to hide the tears.

I know he wont keep his promise. He hasn’t been keeping them since hes been with taylor.

“Austin, Please…Promise me one thing..” I said in a  cracking voice.

“Sure. What is it?”

“Promise me that you’ll never change. Not even for Taylor.”

Im holding in the tears.

“ I promise Becky. I wont change for anything or anyone. You should know that.”

He hugged me and kissed my cheek

I blushed a lot cuz he hasn’t done that in months.

I hid it

But im still in pain

“Bye Becky. See you whenever. Ill text you.”

And he got out of the car.

A single tear came out of my eye

I already miss you…


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