Intro: Becky

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Author's Note: Please do not mind the grammar errors or any other issues in this story because it's been years since I've made Taylor Issues. But I hope you enjoy reading!

Name: Becky Springs

Birth date: June 8, 1996

Best friend: Austin Carter Mahone

Close friends: Alex, Robert, Mickey, and Sarah

Austin and Becky have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Because their moms have known each other since their high school days, Becky and Austin instantly became friends. However, things have been different lately.

Taylor Rafford. His girlfriend.

Most of his days are now spent with her. Taylor is known for her constant change of relationships and sleeping with almost every guy. All Becky is worried about is Austin getting hurt because of that girl.

Another thing? Becky's heart yearns for Austin.

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