Chapter 22

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Mickey's Point of View

"SHE DID WHAT?!" Sarah yelled

I covered my ears


"SARAH!" I shouted

I looked at Robert and saw he was just as surprise as Sarah

Alex is right next to her trying to calm her down

I sighed and continued

"I know you would've done it too if Alex did it to you... I know I would if Robert ever did it to me.."

Sarah was angry but calmed down

"You're right. But Im so happy that she remembers us! I just didn't know that Austin hurt her that much." She sighed

We all gave her a 'WTF' look

"Sarah, Austin called her a jealous bitch, had sex with Taylor, and broke a lot of promises he made with us and Becky. Of course she's really hurt!" I exclaimed

Sarah looked down in shame

"I'm sorry Sarah. I'm just upset that she didn't tell us." I said and hugged her

"It's ok Mickey. I understand. But should we tell her that we know? She doesn't have to act anymore. She's always been a bad liar anyways."

I looked at Alex and Robert

"Should we?" I asked them

Robert was still in shock but shook it off

"I don't know but I just realize something. Why did she pretend to forget all of us except for Alex?" Robert asked confused

I looked at Alex to see him blushing

I giggled

"Uhh... You're right. Why?"

They shrugged

"But didn't you say you had a plan?" Alex asked

I nodded

"Yea but I don't think Im going to do it now. I mean, there's a reason why she did this. Its not only cause she was hurt. She knows she can trust us but she kept this from us. I'm going to do it once I figure out why she's doing all this."

They all nodded

"So what now?" Robert asked

"I don't know about you guys but I'm going to visit Becky and ask her why she's doing this." Sarah said

She grabbed her keys and walked away

"Me too!" I shouted

"Me three!" Alex yelled

"Don't leave me out of this, Im coming too!" Robert said

We got into Sarah's car

She drove pass Austin's house and I saw him crying in his stair way.

I know he messed up but I wanted to get out of the car and hug him. Tell him what Becky did.

But I didn't

We pass by his house with a tear running down my cheek.

I miss you Austin.

Austin's Point of View

I was sitting on my bed, looking through me and Becky's photo album.

It was when we were younger.

I smiled with tears coming out of my eyes

Until one picture came up.

I was on top of her and my mom took a picture 

It was when me and Becky were 13

When we were at her pool. Where I kissed her again.

Flashback *3 years ago*

I was just sitting down, letting the sun's heat on my skin

When all of a sudden something really cold spilled on me

"AAAHHHHH" I screamed

I looked up to see Becky laughing her butt off

"BECKY!!!!" I yelled

"Fuck." I heard her whisper 

She smirked and started running

I started chasing after her, hearing her screams


"NO! GET AWAY!!" She yelled back giggling

I found that really cute

I was chasing her around the pool 

Almost grabbing her, I slipped and fell on her

"I told you I'm gonna get ya" I said with a wink

She sticked out her tongue

"Why do I find that so adorable?" I blurted out unexpectedly

My eyes widen

I saw her blushing

"Uhh did I just...."

"Yeah you did" She winked at me

Looking at her lips, I started leaning in

Finally, our lips connected

I don't know why, but it was full of passion and I really loved it

I didn't want to stop

 I was craving for more. And I felt something. Whatever it is, I like the feeling

The kiss. It felt like when we first kissed when we were 10.

It felt good.

Our lips moving perfectly but I pulled back when I realized what we were doing

"Oh uhh..." I said out of breath

"Sorry Becky. It didn't mean anything" I said blushing

I keep blushing whenever Im around her

I get a feeling that I never had with anyone else. 

I looked at her and I thought I saw pain and sadness in her eyes

"Oh. It's ok Austin."

She got up and walked away from me

What did I do?

I never knew.

It was just one kiss.

End of Flashback

I was so confused

Why did she walk away from me?

Was that really pain and sadness in her eyes?

But in the back of the picture, she wrote 'Thanks for being my best friend. I love you!'

I smiled.

What's that feeling I'm always having around her?

But then I looked at the words 'I love you'

Is it what I think it means or ...?

I got up and put on my shirt

Yeah I was crying shirtless. So?

I got out of my room and started talking a short walk.

After a few minutes of walking, I sat down on my stair way outside.

Becky. She was on my mind.

Even when I was doing with Taylor. She was still on my mind.

I put my hands on my face and started crying.

I finally understand all those feelings I have with her.


Why I loved her kiss.

Why I love her hugs

Why I love her smile, her eyes, her voice, her.

Thats because.. I'm in love with her.

I started sobbing

I'm in love with my best friend who I put in a coma.

End of POV

Mickey's Point of View


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