Chapter 19

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Becky's Point of View

Last thing I remember was blacking out.

The next thing I knew, I woke up in a dark place

I couldn't see anything.

Until a light came.

There stood a man.

He looked really familiar but I just couldn't recognize who he is.

"Hello Becky. You've grown so much since he last time I saw you" The stranger said smiling

I started becoming scared

"H-How do you know me?"

"Don't be afraid Becky. Your parents and I were really close friends. "

I nodded. My parents had great friends. But they were not great parents

They always leave me alone and abandon me.

"Where am I? What happen?" I asked walking towards him.

"You're in a coma, Becky. You hit your head hard to the ground and lost a lot of blood."

I gasped

"How long was I out?"

"For a week. Come and follow me. I want to show you something."

It felt like hours

He started walking into the dark. Being a bit scared, but for some reason I trusted him.

I followed

 "Look here." He told

He pointed at a faded figure. Just then I realized that it's Mickey crying next to a body with Robert.

My eyes widen

"MICKEY!! CAN YOU HEAR ME!?!?!" I yelled

"Theres no use in yelling. She cant hear you."

I felt tears in falling down my face

I turned around saw Sarah crying in Alex chest. And Alex silently sobbing.

Looking towards the body, I saw a boy crying historically. Probably the hardest out of everyone.

He was holding the body's hand

"I'm sorry Becky! I’m really, truly sorry for doing this to you!! I’m sorry I broke my promises! I’m sorry for calling you a jealous bitch. I’m sorry for taking off my necklace! I’m sorry for losing my virginity and breaking our promise! I’m sorry for not being there when you needed me! I’m just so sorry!" The boy yelled and cried even harder

Wait. Is that..... AUSTIN?!

More tears started pouring out

"Austin..." I whispered

He took off his necklace? He broke our promise in 6th grade when we said to save our virginity until marriage? 

I shook my head chuckling

"I knew you would do this Austin" I said to myself

But in the inside, I’m dying.

I’m holding back the pain.

I looked at the body. I’m trying to figure out who it is.

Until I saw the necklace.

It’s… it’s me…

I gasped loudly and let more tears slip

Austin did that to me…

I couldn’t even recognize myself

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