Chapter 3

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 I took a deep sigh

"Its going to be fine, Becky. Austin is just confused. We all know that Taylor isn't right for him. YOU ARE!" Mickey exclaimed with a grin on her face. 

"Yeah whatever. But did you see how she treated us? Usually, Austin would defend us. But he just ignored it."

"Yeah I know but-"

"You know what? Whatever. I don't know what to do. I'm in love with my best friend and he has a girlfriend that he thinks he's in love with." i said and buried my face with my hands.

I looked up.

"Sarah. Alex. Don't you two have a date tonight?" I asked confused

They both nodded

"Then why aren't you going and getting ready?"

"Well because, you're more important than that date."

I'm glad to know that I have friends that actually care

I put on a fake smile and said

"No. You two go and have fun. I'll be ok."

"No Becky w-"

"Alex. Sarah. Go now and make yourself pretty. I'll be fine. I promise" I gave them another fake smile

They nodded unsure but left

Now there's Robert.

"Sooo...." I started. "What now?"

"I have to go home. My mom texted me." Robert said. I nodded and we all got up.

He kissed our cheeks and hugged us goodbye

A smile appeared on my face when I saw Mickey blushing

"Bye girls" 

"Bye Robert!" We said in unison and plopped on the couch

"I know you're upset but I didn't know that much to actually get ride of us." Mickey said smirking

I groaned

"Yeah yeah yeah whatever. Anyway changing the subject, I know you like Robert." I said grinning.

She started blushing "N-no i dont."

"You stuttered. You do like him. I've known you forever so I know everything about you!" 

"Shut up, Springs" She muttered covering her face in embarrassment 

"Aw it's ok. I wont tell him."

"Anyways wanna go to the mall? I don't want to go yet even though you made Alex, Sarah, and Robert leave."

"Ok. Maybe that will take my mind off of Austin"

She gave me a supporting smile and rubbed my back

"It will. You need it. C'mon let's go"

-15 minutes later-

We arrived at the mall and went to Hot Topic and Forever 21.

I bought a few new clothes. Mickey was right. It really needed it and it did get my mind off of him

"I'm tired!" I complained with bags hanging on my arms

"Then let's go and eat"

We made our way to the food court and found a table. I put my bags down 

You'll never guess who we saw eating near us.

Yes, it was Austin and Taylor.

Austin is enjoying his subway while Taylor is picking out basically everything in it leaving only the bread.

"Be right back" I told Mickey and headed for the bathroom.

I washed my hands and face

Come on Rebecca. You have got to get over him

"Why hello, Becky." 

Looking at the mirror, I saw Taylor leaning against one of the stalls

"Hey Taylor. " I said trying to ignore her

I'm not in the mood for her attitude 

"Look Becky, I want you to stay away from Austin. I want you to stop being friends with him. Got it?"

"And who are you to tell me who I can and cant be friends with?"

"Just stay away from him. The next time i see you with him, you're going to regret it." She said and walked away from me.

What's the worst she could do? 

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