Ariana Rose Carter

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Name:  Ariana Rose Carter!:) 

Age: 16

Bio: Ello (: my names Ariana but I liked to be called Ari.  I'm 16 years YOUNG . Austin Carter Mahone ♥ we've been best friends for a while.  But since I moved to the UK cos of my dads business. And I was part of the crew. Becky, Mickey, Alex, and Robert were also my best friends.We havent really been talking much. Last time we talked was years ago. Well I just moved back to the states. Hopefully he'll remember me!:) I had a crush on him.  

He didnt know. But i know he only thought of me as a sister / best friend nothing more. But I just got out of a really bad relationship he use to abuse me and yell at me.  He wouldn't let me do nothing, wouldn't let me go nowhere. But I just broke up with him. He doesnt know I'm moving  so it's a good thing :)

~I'm a dancer (: it's what i do and it's what I love.

~ I have long brown hair !c:

~ I'm a dork around everyone I don't care what people say bout me!

~ my favorite colors are : Pink, Orange, Purple, Blue, Red , &' Green(:

~ I'm usually home alone since my dad  is always out on business trippy things.

~ I'm Spanish, Portuguese, French, Polish, German(:

~ my mom died in a car crash, just bout 6 years ago /:

~ I have a phobia of bananas -.-

~ I have an obsession with Batman &' Superman. 

~ I only have an attitude with someone if they give me one.

~ I'm loud &' super outgoing c:

Well later loves♥   

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