Chapter 16

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Austin’s Point of View

I jumped up sweaty and heavy breathing

So it was just a dream?

I wiped my sweat and calmed down

That’s when I realized that I was naked

I looked beside me and saw Taylor naked too.

Trying to put everything together..I remember what happen.

Me and Taylor had sex last night

I remember 6 nights ago me and Becky had the fight.

All I did was shrug

I checked my phone and saw I had 62 text messages and 98 missed phone calls.

All from the crew.

I rolled my eyes and deleted everything

I got up silently and slipped on my boxers.

“Babe, where you going?” I heard

I turned around and saw Taylor lying in bed tired

I sat next to her

“Im just gonna go down stairs and get a drink.” I said softly

She nodded

“Ok.” She told. “Ohh and by the way, you were amazing last night. As always.”

I fake smiled at her

A stuck of guilt went threw me.

I broke my promise to the crew.

“You too babe.”

I kissed her lips but this time, it was different

I didn’t feel any sparks or anything.

Just a regular kiss.

This was weird.

All of a sudden, this reminded me of my first kiss…with Becky..

The flashback went through my head

Honestly, I miss Becky..

So much.

I looked at the time and saw that it’s 2am.

I don’t care. I want to talk to Becky. It feels like forever since we last talked.

I got my phone and started walking downstairs

Walking to get a glass of water, I dialed her number.

After 4 rings, someone finally picked it up

But it wasn’t Becky.

It sounded like someone was crying on the other line.

“H-Hello?” Someone said

I realized who’s voice it was

It was Mickey’s…

“Mickey? What happen? Why are you crying? Where’s Becky?”

“Austin? Is that you?”

“Yes. Now, what  happen?”

There was a long pause

She finally spoke

“Austin… Why didn’t you answer any of our text or calls?”

I can tell she’s holding in her anger

Chills went through me

“N-No reason.” I stuttered.

“Austin. Fuck. You. We know what you’ve been doing for almost a week. You fucking bastard! When we needed you.. When SHE needed you, you weren’t there for her! And you’re the reason why she’s here! We’ve been trying to contact you but you just fucking ignored us! Do you have any idea what happen to her?!”

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