Chapter 8

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What is life? The definition of life is existence. You cannot have existence, without having something to live for. What am I living for? Why did my ancestors even have 'powers'? What is it for? It is a very good question, that I haven't asked or anyone care to answer. I cannot think of any reason why, or for what, it would be for. Just to be able to say, "Oh look at me, I have powers!"? I don't think so. Yea, and say it with an attitude. I don't think so! So, if anyone was to answer my question of existence, who would it be? And what would they say? I have no idea, but I'd care to know.  

I would also care to know how in the world did the people find me? Hello! I just moved! I didn't even have time to tell anyone where I was going after I was married! There must be a catch. Someone must be a traitor. But then I have to ask myself. What are they a traitor of? Are they a traitor of giving my position away, or what? I can't even think of a reason why someone who is out to kill me would need an excuse.  

I think I am losing my mind. This is crazy!! Just about a month ago I was happy with my family. We were a family. But then the people came and changed everything. Ha, I'll tell you what. Isn't my family just smart? The only name they could think of to name them was the people. Ha, their soo smart, aren't they? 

I look ahead of me. The snow is bad. Cold. Too cold for my taste. I knew Russia was cold, but I had no idea it was this cold. This is crazy. First Felix takes me in his arms and jumps out the window. Two stories high! And then I saw that face, that horrifying face in the broken window. It didn't look human. Like that face I saw in place of my mother. It was bizarre. Nothing like what I have seen before. It is something I hope I never see again. I haven't seen it since the window because Felix killed it before it ever left the window. Felix did something I didn't know he was capable of. Felix was at my side, but then appeared into the window! It must have been his double. How he did that I'm not sure. But it was him. And it also gave us a few extra minutes to have a head start.  

So now as I look ahead, all I see is more snow. Felix's arm is around me, helping me walk as well as him. I was so warm in the house. But all that is gone. And I don't know what happened to Ashland. But, I know that scream came from her. And my guess is that thud on the floor was her body falling to the ground. But I cannot be for sure.  

We are heading to a safe place. They are little places around the world that are made like small gatherings just for the Dovinat family. But only the Dovinat family knows about it. But the people are finding more and more of the safe places. My family is having less and less places to hide. I wish I were back in time at Harpeth. Learning to use my powers. It seemed so easy at the time. But now I truly understand the importance of it all.  

I see smoke up ahead, and lights through what seems to be windows. A village! We are close to the safe place! Only a few feet away! So close... 

"Natalia....Natalia.." A voice says. My eyes are open, but everything is blurry. I see an outline of a body, but can't name the face. I am afraid! It must be the people! My face has terror on it. "No! Nooo! Go away! Stop! Don't hurt me! Please!" I yell at the top of my lungs. "No!" I yell again. My hands are out in front of me, waving to get whatever is in front of me away. "No! Go away! LEAVE ME IN PEACE!" I yell. My arms are waving mad. The thing grabs my arms and stops them from waving. It's a threat! "Felix!" I yell. A hand is put over my mouth. "She is hallucinating." Someone says. The voice is vaguely familiar. But I still can't place a name. Could it be Felix? Oh god! I'm having amnesia! Felix, please help me... 

The hand is taken away from my mouth and arms. I don't do anything. I just lie there. I can't see anything. It is all too blurry. I close my eyes. Small, salty tears slowly come out of my eyes at the sides. "Demyan....." I whisper. I feel a hand hold my right hand. And then a pair of lips kiss my hand. I smile slightly. "I won't leave you." The person says. Why does that sentence sound familiar? "I won't leave you. I promise." The person says again. I try to smile wider, but I can't seem to. So instead, I say, "I know you won't," very softly. I feel a tear on my hand.

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