Chapter 16

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"Felix...this is beautiful! Italy is so gorgeous!" I say excitedly. I hear Felix snigger, but I do not look back at him. I only stare out the window. The Italian cobble stone road reminds me of France, but France seems more romantic than Italy. Italy is more fun and energetic. Even Italy's buildings are different. They are more open and sun colored than Frances gray, tightened up buildings.

The carriage comes up to a gate with red flowers intertwined in the gaps between it. There are voices of the driver speaking to someone, and finally I hear the gate opening and we move forward.

"Do you think your cousin will like me? As in like me for the family?" I ask.

"Of course he will! If he doesn't, we will make an excuse to leave early to our own home." He says. Our own home, I replay in my mind.

"I hope so." I say.

A huge Italian estate comes into view from the carriage window. It looks very similar to the estate Felix and I had in France with the long cobble stone drive way in the front, the immensely large steps in the front of the home, and three stories high with windows telling the tail of all the rooms. But the only difference between this home and the home back in France is that this one is right on the ocean! I can sort of see it behind the home and its surrounding hedges.

The carriage stops in front of the steps and the driver jumps down. He opens the door and when Felix and I turn to it to get out; we see an inhuman face with red eyes. I gasp and I grab Lynette while Felix grabs the thing and brings it into the carriage with us. Felix strikes its head and it dies right in front of us.

"How do they find us?" I ask. Felix wipes his blade from blood and places it back into a small flap in his jacket. So that is where he keeps his deathly dagger!

"I have no idea; but he must have taken out the driver while both of us were sleeping. I do not think that they were following us. They usually attack with a group or stand alone. I think there was just that one." He says. I nod my head.

There is a knock on the door and I jump. There is a man wearing a wig standing there. "Hello? Felix, Lady Evelyn?" the man says. Felix covers the dead body with a blanket.

"Yes we are here." He says. The door opens again and this time it is a normal person; a person with the same skin tone of Felix. I laugh to myself.

Inside the mansion are many pictures hanging on the wall. Big or small, you name them all and they are here. But one I actually stop to look at is a picture of Felix. He is a young boy in this picture, with other people behind him who must be family.

Felix comes beside me and pulls me along. Lynette looks around in awe just as I do, but Felix walks along as if he didn't need to be guided where the Library was to meet his cousin. I bet anything he has been here many times t visit and sound as if he were normal until he went back to Fambridge.

"This is the Library." The man in the wig says. He lets us pass him and when we enter the library, there is a man who looks just like Felix. There is no mistaking that they are related.

"Felix!" He yells. He stands and goes to Felix for a hug.

"Hello my cousin!" Felix says back.

"You have gotten older; you are quite man now." The man says; his Italian accent is very noticeable. Felix laughs.

"Ohhh my cousin you have gotten older too...much older." Felix says. The man tries to give Felix a smack in the head, but Felix dodges and his cousin misses. "See, my point has been fulfilled." Felix says with a laugh. Then Felix comes beside me and takes my hand that is not holding Lynette.

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