Chapter 20

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 The carriage goes up the cobblestone driveway of the Lombardi estate. The green vines that are dotted with red flowers cover a lot of the wall/ gate that starts at the beginning of the driveway and goes all around the property. The driver brings the carriage to the large steps in front of the home leading to the door. So far, there are only the grounds men who are seen besides the driver of the carriage. The men must be inside and have not seen nor heard the carriage come up the driveway. 

 “It would be nice to have been met by our husbands, yes, Evelyn?” Fran says.

 I say, “Hmm,” to not be rude. The reason I didn’t say my opinion is because Fran has talked none stop the whole way home. Which, that is partially my fault since I told her I was nervous about telling Felix the news. She insisted she keep talking to keep my mind on other things. She also said I would thank her later. I already did, ten minutes ago, and yet the talking still goes on.

 The driver opens our door and Fran and I step out. Lynette on my hip, I walk up the steps with Fran talking to the men unloading and carrying our luggage inside. When I step inside I am met with Gregorio's dogs. The dogs jump around my legs and Lynette smiles and laughs at them.

 “Down boys, stay down.” Gregorio says coming down the big marble staircase. Beside Gregorio is Felix. I smile wide when my eyes meet his. I missed him so!

 “Hello, darling Gregorio!” Fran says walking to her husband. I stay standing where I am as Felix comes to me. He reaches my side, his dark eyes sparkling.

 “Hello Evelyn, I am glad you are back.” He says. Lynette makes a baby noise and her arms go up and down. Felix looks to her and bends down to her. “Hi there sweetie pie, I missed you.” Felix straightens and stares at me. His head cocks. “What?” He asks. My stomach flips in excitement.

 “I will tell you later.” I say. He smiles and puts his arms around me, giving me a quick kiss. He then steps back and takes Lynette from me and kisses her head. He is so good with her. I smile.

 Sitting in the parlor stirring tea and coffee, I sit very impatiently to hear the news I have been waiting for. I look up at Felix from my tea cup. His eyes are fixed on his coffee cup. As I stare at him, I notice his hair has gotten longer than I last saw him. His bangs hang over one side of his face, shading it. He is so handsome!

 “So,” Gregorio begins. My stomach gets butterflies. “Felix and I found a perfect estate on the shore.” To hold in my excitement, I sip on my tea.

 “Oh, leaving us so soon, love?” Fran asks.

 “I'm afraid so, my cousin; but do not worry, we will visit soon.” Felix says. He looks to me and winks. “Gregorio and I decided Evelyn, Lynette and I will leave in the morning.”

 “Oh pooh, Gregorio! Do you promise to visit sometime? I was becoming very fond of Evelyn and Lynette’s company!” Fran says.

 “I promise. And maybe you could stay with us for a change.” Felix says.

 “Gregorio that would be perfect; I would love to visit them!”

 Felix follows me to our room with Lynette in his arms. I walk into the room and I hear Felix close it behind him. Felix puts Lynette in the cradle, straightens from admiring her, and faces me. “So what did you want to tell me?” He asks curiously. I get butterflies again and smile wide. “What is it?”

 “Felix, I am going to have a baby.” I say.

 Felix smiles and says, “You are? For real, you are going to have a baby?” I nod happily and answer yes. Felix keeps his handsome smile and walks to me. When he reaches me, he looks at my face. Then, he bends down and puts his hand on my abdomen.

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