chapter 7

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I stand in the dark, peeking through the ballroom door. Everyone in my family is sitting down in perfectly placed rows of chairs. They are here to attend my wedding. Everyone except my siblings are here. I even promised Edward he would be invited for my wedding. But he isn't going to attend. He can't. It would be too dangerous.

I am going to walk the isle alone. For I have no father or mother to walk me. Mothers double asked if I would want her to, but it wouldn't feel right to me. Ashland could have, but I would rather die. I am looking for my signal. Felix looks handsome in his nice clothes. I hope I appeal to him the way he does to me. I see the signal. I open the doors.

I walk down the isle. It feels like slow motion. Everyone is looking at me. I look at all their faces. I then look up the isle to Felix. He is smiling at me. I smile back. I walk closer and closer every second, but it seems like eternity until all of this will be over. It probably will be eternity until all of this will be over. I most likely will have children, which the firstborn will be in the same danger I am in. But then I think of Daniel, Sarah, Edward and Jane. They will have children, and a first born.

I come beside Felix. His hand finds mine. I squeeze tightly, wishing everything could be better. 'I wish we didn't have to be married from force.' I say to Felix. His thumb rubs my hand. 'I know, me too. But now we will finally be married.' I smile.

"Will you, Felix Ayton Lombardi, take Victorious Marietta as your wife and life-long friend? And do you promise to guard her as your own life?" The preacher asked Felix. "I do, and promise." Felix says. "Will you, Victorious Marietta Dovinat, take Felix Ayton Lombardi as your husband and life-long friend? And do you promise to do as he says, no matter what it is?" "I do, and solemnly swear I will do so for the rest of my life." I answer the preacher. "Now, as both of you has said your vows, there is one last thing to do." He says, and snaps his fingers. A little boy comes up beside him, carrying a small wooden box. The preacher takes it, and the little boy goes back. The preacher hands out the box toward us. "Both of you open it."

We reach up and undo the latch and pull back the top. Inside is a letter. "What is it?" I ask. "It is your destiny. But you will not read it now; you will read it later, just the two of you. So, there is just one last thing the two of you have to do to be able to leave. Felix, you may kiss your bride."

I look at him, and he reaches for my waist and pulls me toward him. His hand finds my face and brings it to his. He kisses me softly. We pull back, and smile at each other. I ignore everyone else as they are clapping.

Felix and I walk the isle together as everyone is getting up. The wedding is over now, and so Felix and I must leave and read 'our destiny'. I laugh to myself. Felix looks at me. 'What are you laughing at?' He asks. I smile. 'Just something I would understand I guess.' I say.

Ashland is waiting for us in a carriage, and Felix helps me into it. He closes the door behind him. "Congratulations on your wedding. I am sorry your parents couldn't have been here to watch you marry." She says to me. I nod. "It's fine." Felix puts his arm around me. "You may read your letter now. It's alright, I was the one to write it. It is ok to read in front of me."

Felix takes out the letter and opens it. We read, "Victorious and Felix: Now that the two of you are married, you will have to live your lives in secret. Everyone has to, you're no different from the others. Where you will be living is in Russia. Your new names will be, Natalia Petrovna Ivanova and Demyan Andrei Ivanova. You will be living in an estate in Russia. God be with you, and keep you and your children safe."

I blush thinking about children. The carriage moves forward. "Victorious, you will need to use your shape shifting abilities to change you just a bit."Ashland says. "Why?" I ask. "Well since you have that ability, it would be wise to use it. Maybe change your skin color. Russians have pale skin because it snows so much they don't get darker."

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